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GRID Video - Featuring F1 World Champion & Race Consultant, Fernando Alonso


GRID Video - Featuring F1 World Champion & Race Consultant, Fernando Alonso

Deep Silver has released a new trailer for Codemasters’ GRID, featuring two-time F1 World Champion, Fernando Alonso, who is serving as race consultant for the game. The clip delves into a candid conversation with Fernando about his most memorable wins and how GRID emphasizes his favorite element of racing: Competition.

GRID marks the return of Codemasters’ acclaimed racing series and bolsters a huge emphasis on the dynamics between opponents in its Teammate, Rival, and Nemesis systems. Drivers are free to hire allies prone to best suit their preferred strategy before taking to the track to chase championships, edging out aggressive opponents and forming meaningful rivalries against GRID AI’s suite of diverse driving personalities along the way.

GRID releases on October 11 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Fans purchasing the Ultimate Edition, will receive three days’ early access, to play GRID on October 8. GRID also remains a launch title for the upcoming Google Stadia platform later this year.

For the latest GRID news, head over to the official website.



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  1. I'm never going to be sold on a racing game via a chase, or mostly chase cam video. Sadly, most of the developers and publishers of racing games are still stuck in this rut of showing them from that perspective!?
    I would assume that it is a telemetry thing. I bet the vast majority of racing gamers use the chase the cam.
    Hell, while I am in cockpit view 90% of the time in Forza proper, I suspect that number is closer to 25% in Horizon. I choose cam based on the context of the challenge, and in Horizon, chase cam makes many of the challenges easier to do, and it still flipping amazing.
    A lot of the time, it is more fun to see your car doing the things you are doing, which is what made the cost and hassle of 4K and HDR worth it. GRID seems like it will tilt enough at the arcade side that I wouldn't be surprised if my cockpit view was closer to 60% of the time.
    Mainly, I choose a camera by what feels and looks best. I have no intent to fight the camera out of some cockpit view purity. I suspect the vast majority of gamers never use the cockpit view, to be honest, especially outside of Forza, Gran truism, and other more sim oriented racers. Even in those games, I bet chase cam is still the most commonly used cam.
    Some Googlefu pulled this up.
    It seems like this version of GRID will have incar view, but I suspect it is still a far from popular mode.

    Yeah, I always knew the chase camera was more popular, and that cockpit view was down to between 5 and 10%. I can go with bonnet/hood cam along with cockpit view. I don't use cockpit view in F1 2019 because it's so restrictive, I use the TV pod cam there.
    The reason I hate the chase cam is that it makes the car look like it's pivoting on a center mounted pole and makes it feel and look less immersive.
    I just wish the videos they make of these would give those who don't use chase cam a longer glimpse of what the game looks like from the bonnet/hood cam and the cockpit cam. They often just flash them up for a few frames and it's hard to gauge what they really look like, in game.

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