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GRID Trailer Tears Through Havana Street Circuit - Rivalry System Details and More


GRID Trailer Tears Through Havana Street Circuit - Rivalry System Details and More

Codemasters has released a new gameplay video for the upcoming, highly anticipated racing game GRID releasing Oct. 11th on PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X.

This latest GRID gameplay footage showcases the brand-new Havana street circuit. As the cars race, they pursue the legendary driver Fernando Alonso across the lanes of this new track.

Game Director Chris Smith and Community Manager Chris Groves take you through the new footage, outlining some of the key features in GRID such as available circuits and the Teammates, Rivals and Nemesis systems. Using the livery of his FA Racing team, the video captures the chase as the Codemasters team hunts down Fernando Alonso, GRID’s Race Consultant, who is also an AI opponent in the game. Get a glimpse of the intense, unpredictable action you’ll experience in every race in GRID.


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  1. meganinja
    games looks good, i did the presale and i hope it gets better in the future

    Their games typically look good especially on the PC. I just wish they brought back the Lebonte vs Jarrett racing games which was a sequel to their Toca Racing series on the original Playstation.
    I really like the first Grid game , I pop it in the 360 every now and then. Definitely getting this game.

    This is why I bought Autosport and 2, but was highly disappointed by both. TOCA 3 and GRID 1 still reign imo. It's too bad GRID put all that drift crap in there and didn't make the circuits more customizable.

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