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GRID Has Added Public Lobbies Today - Full Details Here



GRID Has Added Public Lobbies Today - Full Details Here

As announced last month, Codemasters has added public lobbies today for GRID, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The free update is a new addition to the multiplayer mode, called Session Search. This new feature allows players to search for and race in lobbies that have been created by other players.

Session Search includes filters and other options for the player, so you can search for exactly what kind of race session you want to jump into. Session Select will be available from the first Multiplayer menu in a new third tile, alongside the existing two options, Quick Match and Custom Match (previously named Private Match).

Once players enter Session Search, you can adjust six different filters to narrow down your lobby search. These filters include:

  • Show in Progress – Dictate whether or not your searches include lobbies that are currently racing
  • Discipline – Choose to only show lobbies using Race or Time Attack events, or all
  • Vehicle Class – Choose to only show lobbies using a specific vehicle class, or leave it open to all
  • Hot Lap Qualifying – Choose to include or exclude lobbies that are include a Hot Lap Qualifying session
  • AI Drivers – Choose to include or exclude lobbies that have enabled AI drivers to feature in races
  • AI Skill Level – If AI drivers are enabled, use this option to include/exclude lobbies with certain AI skill level options

Once you adjust these filters and begin the search, a new screen will appear, collating the live lobbies that meet your search requirements. In list format, the screen will show you the key features of each lobby, which are as follows:

  • Host – The name of the player hosting the lobby
  • Event Card – This shows the session’s category, vehicle, each track in the event, and the game type
  • Players – The number of players already in that lobby
  • Progress – What stage of an event the lobby is currently at (Skirmish, Qualifying, Race)
  • Round – Shows how many rounds the lobby consists of, and which round is currently in progress
  • Track – The circuit that players in the lobby are currently racing on, or about to race on
  • AI Drivers – Number of AI opponents included in races
  • AI Skill Level – If AI drivers are include, this shows their chosen skill level
  • Damage Level – The chosen damage level for the lobby
  • Terminal Damage – Outlines whether or not terminal damage is active
  • Flashbacks – The chosen number of Flashbacks allowed in races
  • Hot Lap Qualifying – Shows if a Hot Lap Qualifying session is included in races

From this screen, you will also be able to view the profile of the lobby host, and refresh the screen to search for more sessions. All the above allows you to narrow down your search and jump into session that best suits what kind of racing experience you’re looking for in GRID.

For players creating race lobbies, you will still have the option of adjusting the visibility of your session. When creating your lobby in Custom Match, setting the visibility to ‘Public’ will ensure that your session is viewable to all players in Session Search.

Once players have entered a lobby, the process is the same as Custom Match: at the end of the event you can choose to exit the lobby and find a new one, or stick around and let the lobby host create another session.

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