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Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base Pre-Order Available - Standalone with Boost Kit 180

Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base

Gran Turismo DD Pro

Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base Pre-Order Available - Standalone with Boost Kit 180

Fanatec has announced their Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base can be purchased as a standalone product with the Boost Kit 180 included. Instead of purchasing the bundle that includes the wheel base and pedals, users can pre-order the wheel base and use it with existing wheels, pedals and shifters in the Fanatec ecosystem. Xbox users can use it as well with an Xbox-compatible wheel.

The wheel base can be pre-ordered now with expected delivery in late-May, as of this post, for $599.95. The 8 Nm Boost Kit 180 provides much stronger feedback, so you can feel the subtle cues more clearly, unlocking the full performance of the direct drive motor.

Direct Drive (DD) wheel bases allow the steering wheel to be directly mounted to the motor shaft, with no belt or gear drive to dilute the force feedback effects.

If you missed our Gran Turismo 7 review last week, make sure to read it here.

GT7 is a driving simulator. It has always been that, and the developers have gone out of their way to reinforce that idea. These folks love cars, and it comes through in so many ways that make the franchise special in that regard. One could also describe the series as a car collector’s dream. At its core, the theme of GT7 is no different than previous titles because the basic premise is to race, collect cars for your garage, and then wash, rinse, and repeat.

That said, one of the extremely cool peripheral inclusions here is the small little video breakdowns of each and every car or car collection that you obtain throughout your time with GT7. You will become extremely familiar with an in-game personality named “Luca” because he is center of this knowledge and information.

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