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Gran Turismo 7 Behind the Scenes Trailer - More Cars and Tracks Revealed

gran turismo 7 cars tracks

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 Behind the Scenes Trailer - More Cars and Tracks Revealed

PlayStation has posted another behind the scenes video today with Kazunori Yamauchi, revealing a few more quick glimpses of some of the cars and tracks coming to Gran Turismo 7. The game will feature over 400 cars throughout the past, present and future of automotive history.

Gran Turismo 7 launches on March 4, 2022 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Quite a few sites posted their interviews with Kazunori Yamauchi last month, here are some of those details.

  • Feature-wise, the PS4 and PS5 version will be exactly the same, but the PS5 will load faster, have better audio and graphics at 4K/60FPS
  • PS4 and PS5 players can race online together
  • All of the Gran Turismo Sport content will carry over to Gran Turismo 7
  • The game will always be online requiring online save, except for Arcade Mode
  • The sticks on the DualSense controller will be more precise, on the same level as a steering wheel
  • Real time dynamic time-of-day and weather, some dynamic environmental features won’t be available on all tracks
  • The damage model will basically be the same as Gran Turismo Sport
  • Car classification system is out, performance points return
  • Car tuning and modifications are back
  • Players can learn about their cars and cultural backgrounds in the GT Cafe
  • AI is faster and drives more human-like
  • Limited ray tracing, no plans for 120FPS support
  • Can’t talk about PSVR yet
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