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The Golf Club 2019 Video - Art of Photogrammetry

The Golf Club 2019

The Golf Club 2019 Video - Art of Photogrammetry

HB Studios has posted a new developer video for The Golf Club 2019. This one features art lead, Trevor Green, going over some techniques that he uses to bring real world objects into the game.


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  1. This was a pretty esoteric discussion, but Trevor explained it well enough to where I got the overall concept behind photogrammetry. I can see how this will enable the creation of more realistic looking objects, and will hopefully give the golfers some more definition. I noticed more wrinkling and dynamic shadowing in the pant fabric as the golfer swung the club.
    I think this will lead to a less overall generic look that has sort of been a tempering veil in the previous two TGC games, although 2 clearly improved over 1 in object quality.
    I much more eager to see how SpeedTrees look and perform in this game, but it sounds like it may be a while before we get to see that.
    If they could solve the problem of the look of the trees in the distance and the pop in it would go a long way towards making the game look much better.

    Yes indeed... thanks for contributing that aspect! I was thinking of what SpeedTrees could contribute in terms of frame rate improvement, via the GPU instancing SpeedTrees afford, but if they could radically increase the quality tree draw distance AND eliminate the pop-in, it would be yet another feather in the SpeedTree cap!

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