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Golden Tee PGA TOUR Edition Arcade Game Releases This Spring

golden tee pga tour edition

Golden Tee PGA TOUR Edition Arcade Game

Golden Tee PGA TOUR Edition Arcade Game Releases This Spring

Incredible Technologies and the PGA TOUR have agreed on a long-term licensing agreement and announced their officially licensed golf simulation arcade game, Golden Tee PGA TOUR Edition.

Since its inception in 1989, Golden Tee has been a staple in restaurants, bars and arcades around the world. The new and improved Golden Tee PGA TOUR Edition will feature a new, state-of-the-art cabinet with 4K graphics. The cabinet includes a refined control panel, touchscreen, Near-Field-Communication (NFC) device for contactless login and payments, LED lighting, cupholders and more.

“We are thrilled to expand the Golden Tee universe and make the PGA TOUR an integral part of a game that millions have enjoyed across the past three decades,” Elaine Hodgson, President and CEO of Incredible Technologies said. “This alliance will offer exciting new ways to play along with innovative technology that will bring the game to new heights.”

Thanks to the PGA TOUR licensing agreement and real course topography data, fans will be able to play on three licensed PGA TOUR courses, with more features and courses added through yearly updates.

The Golden Tee PGA TOUR Edition will also feature updated commentary from legendary broadcaster Jim Nantz, a partner of Incredible Technologies since 2005. He will be joined by professional golfer and announcer Peter Jacobsen, whose relationship with Golden Tee stretches back more than two decades.

Along with an abundance of ways for players to compete on the new courses, the Golden Tee PGA TOUR Edition will introduce a refined presentation, new equipment, and the all-new Club Pass—a progression system that will award players virtual clothing and equipment as they play.

Fans across North America will see the arcade system arrive in commercial locations this spring.


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  1. Sounds very intriguing. There was no mention of including PGA Pros, but at the very least I hope there is a detailed Create-A-Player setting that will allow for creating pros.
    Not being able to play as the PGA Pros (that are already in the game) in PGA Tour 2K20 may have to be one of the biggest misses I have seen from a game developer in awhile. It just defies logic not allowing the option. Hopefully Golden Tee takes full advantage of this opportunity.
    I'll be curious to see this eventually during my monthly visit to Buffalo Wild Wings. It's the high quality trackball that sells this game to me. Once I've played a couple of rounds, I'm done with it for a while however. Hopefully they're doing some things to make it feel more simulation-esque, without losing its arcade appeal.
    Man, arcade games (by which I mean cabinet-based, coin-op standalones in this case - not this forum's usual use of the word) sure have changed since I was a kid. Can't believe there's a progression system to this.
    I'm really looking forward to this, although primarily (entirely, really) because if I'm seeing it in-person, that must mean I'm at a bar...

    Never a big fan but getting back into the bars on a Saturday afternoon is something I am looking forward to.

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