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Generations Event Adds Three New Future Stars Players

Generations Event Future Stars Asa Lacy

MLB The Show 21

Generations Event Adds Three New Future Stars Players

Replacing the Topps Now rewards path in the Events Now event, we have the Generations Event that will feature Future Stars Ivan Herrera, Future Stars Jeter Downs, and Future Stars Asa Lacy. This will be a one-off event, so you have until September 17 to put together 20 wins to secure those three players. The rewards track goes up to 50 wins here.

Future Stars Ivan Herrera has 110 contact vs. LHP and diamond defense. He also has 92 vision. He is severely lacking in the power department, but he’s at least faster than Yadier Molina. Future Stars Jeter Downs has 111 contact vs. LHP and gold defense. He can play 2B/SS and has 78 speed. Future Stars Asa Lacy has a 97 mph 4-seam fastball to go with a 94 mph sinker and 84 mph circle change. He has 109 H/9 and relatively modest control numbers overall. His best control is 93 on his 4-seam. He has 99 break on his slider and 94 break on his curveball.

Here’s a look at the cards and the rest of the rewards.

Generations Event

Generations Event

  • Prospects Series, Rookie Series, Future Stars, Veteran Series
  • Players 21 or younger
  • Player 35 or older
  • Common players
  • 3-inning games
  • Difficulty: All-Star
  • Free entries (as always)


  • 1 win – Diamond universal profile nameplate, 500 stubs
  • 3 wins – Headliners Set 28 pack (Future Stars Austin Martin), 2,000 stubs
  • 6 wins – Headliners Set 29 pack (Future Stars Max Meyer), 3,000 stubs
  • 9 wins – Future Stars Ivan Herrera

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  • 12 wins – St. Louis Cardinals Road 1920 uniform
  • 15 wins – Future Stars Jeter Downs

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  • 17 wins – Boston Red Sox Road 1990 uniform
  • 20 wins – Future Stars Asa Lacy

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  • 25 wins – Diamond bat skin, 3,500 stubs
  • 30 wins – Headliners Set 34 pack (Future Stars Andrew Vaughn)
  • 35 wins – Diamond bat skin, 3,500 stubs
  • 40 wins – 2021 All-Star Game choice pack
  • 45 Wins – The Show pack (x20)
  • 50 wins – Ballin’ Is A Habit pack (x5), 5,000 stubs
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