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Franchise Hockey Manager 10 Available Today

franchise hockey manager 10

Franchise Hockey Manager 10

Franchise Hockey Manager 10 Available Today

Franchise Hockey Manager 10 is available today at the official website and Steam. Players can save 10% and snag the game for $35.99 through November 14.

Players can pick from a wide range of leagues worldwide and take charge of a team on their journey to glory.

Franchise Hockey Manager 10 is officially licensed by the NHL, giving players the ability to lead your chosen franchise to the Stanley Cup. Alternatively, players can assume control of a national team and pursue international dominance from leagues around the world. Delve into the past with a historical game mode, where you can begin your journey in any year from NHL history or engage in legendary international tournaments. Players can also create customized leagues and import FHM 9 saves and progress into FHM 10 and continue the journey with all of the new additional features seen below.

  • Big custom league changes: promotion/relegation systems can now be included in custom leagues, and we’ve added the ability to import leagues directly from our databases into a custom game, including many leagues that aren’t normally playable. Historical and single-team importing is included as well, so you can build a league from the greatest teams in history, or put together a modern superleague.
  • Gain more control with our reworked trade system – you can now specify your team needs and search for players that fit them, and the player shopping system has been entirely reworked with a new interface and options.
  • Media management has been added to the game – the local media will now cover your team, but won’t shy away from criticism, and you may find yourself having to defend your players that find themselves in the spotlight. But be careful what you say – if the media turns on you, your job security may be jeopardized!
  • 2D mode follows up last year’s special teams improvements with refinements to breakout and neutral zone play.
  • Historical mode now extends back to 1909 with the addition of the National Hockey Association! Go back to the dawn of professional hockey and see the rise of legendary franchises, complete with six skaters on the ice with the addition of the rover position.
  • Also in historical mode, you can now start a game as a historical expansion team with the real expansion draft in their first year – no need to go back and replay the previous season first, you can begin by choosing from the exact players that were available to the team in their debut season.
  • Last year we introduced American college hockey to FHM, this year we’ve added the Canadian version! 35 Canadian universities are now playable, including the playoffs and national championship tournament. And on the American side, teams now need to contend with the transfer portal – if you can’t keep your players happy and supplied with enough icetime, they’ll be able to move elsewhere!
  • New scouting options include the ability to scout tournaments, which now include a large number of new youth tournaments. Scout rising superstars through their early years before making your claim to them!
  • Kick off the preseason with a Prospect Tournament to get to know your up-and-coming players and see how they perform against the best young players in the rest of your league!
  • Interface improvements make it easier to access information about your players, including a new contract quality indicator and a quick option to review your team’s stats.
  • Awards have been revamped with a large number of new player award options, and historical mode now includes accurate date ranges for each award.
  • Improvements in the player development routines now produce a more realistic pool of players as the years go by.
  • Playoff scheduling has been improved with series alternating days so the playoff hockey never takes a break!
  • As always, complete team and player updates for the new 2023-24 season.
  • In addition to all of that, there are the usual large variety of smaller changes, tweaks, and other improvements!

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