Series Features 

  • Secret Santa returns with two exclusive rewards unlocked based on the player’s effort in sending gifts to each other (ForzaThon gifts and/or Car gift drop)
  • Evolving World Holidays Decorations in Mulegé, Ice Rink Stadium, and Snowman collectible
  • Forzathon Shop Gifts – Players can purchase one ForzaThon shop car per week and send it as a gift to another player
  • Forzathon Shop Sales special days: Dec 24th – Dec 26th, Dec 31st – Jan 2nd
  • (#FORDzathon Series only, available from January 5th, 2022) Evolving World Floating lanterns collectible

New Features 

  • Japanese and Traditional Chinese VO
  • EventLab build point added to the Horizon Stadium

Unlockable Cars (Horizon Holidays December 8th, 2022 – January 5th, 2023)

  • 2020 Lamborghini Siàn Roadster
  • 2022 Cupra UrbanRebel Concept
  • Returning To Forza
  • 1958 Plymouth Fury
  • 1970 AMC Rebel “The Machine”
  • 1971 AMC Javelin AMX
  • 2013 Cadillac XTS Limousine

Unlockable Cars (#FORDzathon January 5th, 2023 – February 2nd, 2023)

  • 2021 MG6 Xpower
  • 2020 #20 MG MG6
  • Returning To Forza
  • 2010 Renault Megane RS250
  • 2010 Renault Clio
  • 2016 Renault Clio RS


  • Tune and Livery applied to a car before creating a Super 7 Challenge Card did not apply to the published card
  • Donut Media @ Horizon story chapter 2 players’ tuning wasn’t carried over in later story chapters
  • “Getting Creative” accolade vinyl count wasn’t increasing despite players’ progress
  • Displayed number of areas discovered was higher than the total number of areas in the game
  • Loading into an event or story chapter could cause the gamepad an unintended persistent rumble for some players
  • Donut Media @ Horizon story chapter subtitles were incorrect
  • General performance and stability fixes


  • Convertible animation could be triggered while moving, blocking other car options until the animation ends
  • 1992 Honda NSX-R liveries couldn’t be applied to the front bumper and were mirrored from the car’s right side to the rear bumper.
  • 1992 Honda NSX-R Rocket Bunny widebody kit rain mask was missing on the rear diffuser in free roam
  • 1992 Nissan Silvia K vinyls and decals couldn’t be applied to the upper part of aftermarket Rocket Bunny Sport Rear Wing
  • 1993 Nissan Skyline GTR vinyls and logos could be applied to the car sides through the hood and were appearing distorted when applied to the side of the car
  • 1999 Dodge Viper GTS ACR vinyl shapes applied to the right passenger side of the car were showing on the roof of the car instead
  • 2000 Nissan Silvia Spec-R rear license plate blacked out when Rocket Bunny widebody kit was applied
  • 2005 BMW M3 invisible rollcage when Rocket Bunny widebody kit was applied
  • 2005 Subaru Impresa WRX STi front Forza Street Rumper appearing as race bumper and vice versa
  • 2009 Pagani Zonda Cinque had two different diffusers on the rear bumper
  • 2010 Forsberg Racing Toyota Gumout 2JZ Camry stock car’s roof couldn’t be painted
  • 2015 McLaren 650S side skirts weren’t lifting with the door when the bodykit was applied
  • 2018 Audi RS e-tron GT full car livery was wrapped around side mirror stem


  • Several Festival props changed their appearance when confirming their position in Blueprint builder