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Football Manager 2022 Patch Available Today - Improvements For Gameplay, UI, Animations & More - Patch Notes

Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition

Football Manager 2022

Football Manager 2022 Patch Available Today - Improvements For Gameplay, UI, Animations & More - Patch Notes

Sports Interactive has released a new Football Manager 2022 patch on Steam, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Check out the patch notes below.

Stability and Technical
  • Stability and crash fixes
  • Optimization improvements
  • Fix for Macs launching game without correct zoom display settings
  • Sound ‘Test’ button fixed within Preferences

Match Engine

  • Near post corners made less effective
  • Various fixes in different areas to defending teams keeping possession too well and inflating possession stats to unrealistic levels
  • Fixed goalkeepers not being marked during attacking set pieces
  • Tweaks to throw-ins
  • Number of other improvements to overall engine balance


  • Tweaks to the rate of young player development
  • Tweaks to the rate of older player decline
  • Tweaks to newgen staff generation at game start
  • Improved distribution of newgens in inactive nations
  • Player knowledge to remain for a longer period of time once player trial finishes
  • Logic work to stop players complaining about lack of playing time despite starting nearly every game
  • Deadline day experience added for top division in Norway and Denmark
  • Improvements to loan demands and negotiations
  • Improved logic distribution of preferred formations for AI managers
  • More realistic job security pressure for newly appointed international managers
  • Fix to board illogically becoming concerned about playing time of new signing
  • News item no longer incorrectly states player wants to join club because they’re a bigger club when they’re not a bigger club
  • Squad registration fixes
  • Fixed issue in Argentina, Romania and Denmark where Club Vision wasn’t being recorded correctly
  • Manager morale no longer incorrectly displayed as abysmal
  • Positive reaction from an interaction now always shown correctly
  • Fantasy Draft improvements to initial budget options, how continue waiting is displayed and auto pick
  • Number of other improvements and fixes

Competitions and Rulegroups

  • Croatian Second Division number of matches correct from 2022/23 onwards
  • Fix for Turkish Newgens now appearing as HG players for registrations
  • Using auto select no longer incorrectly counts as new registration changes in China
  • Canadian team qualification added for 2024+ NACL
  • Canadian team qualification added for NAL
  • MLS DP and YDP rules now assigned correctly
  • Number of other fixes, updated rules and scheduling changes across numerous nations/leagues

Art & Animation

  • Fixed multiple issues with players sliding/teleporting during animations in the 3D Match Engine
  • Fixed player names not always appearing in the 2D Match Engine
  • Multiple kit clashing issues fixed
  • Multiple 3D background environment fixes, including team boardrooms and kits/badges
  • Improvements to how hairstyles and eyebrows are chosen for newgens


  • Fixed issue where action buttons on Scouting Meeting Inbox items would overlap or be cut off on some resolutions
  • Fixed issue where scrolling the Player Search list with keyboard arrow buttons would cause the highlighted item to reset to the top of the list.
  • Fixed issue where dugout notifications regarding substitutions were not showing player shirts
  • Fixed issue that caused the player transfer values to be difficult to read on some screens
  • Fixed issue in Data Hub where analysis pop-ups would close unexpectedly when highlighting certain items
  • Fixed issue in Set Piece creator where the instruction marker would obscure the player position
  • Fixed issue in Staff Search where the Realistic Hire checkboxes would sometimes not function
  • Fixed issue where resizing a custom column containing a player’s transfer value could make the value unreadable.
  • Fixed issue where training individual panel would reset to the top of the list after selecting a player
  • Fixed issue where team stats view on touchline tablet would reset between matches
  • Added a counter to show remaining entries in a scouting update
  • Resolved errors in displaying numerical units in Korean currency
  • Opposition shirt icons now appear consistently after a substitution
  • Cut off on Club Info > Profile now has a scrollbar
  • Loan Match Report now shows the Monthly Fee instead of ‘valued at £0’
  • Morale icon no longer showing for non-players
  • Number of other improvements and fixes

Pre Game Editor

  • Start dates now appearing for basic rules files made with Pre-Game Editor
  • Unassigned created players now appearing in edited databases
  • Fixed ability to add lower division cups and divisions in certain nations
  • Number of other editor specific improvements and fixes

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