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Football Heroes Turbo Available Now on Nintendo Switch

Football Heroes Turbo

Football Heroes Turbo Available Now on Nintendo Switch

Football Heroes Turbo, which was released on September 6 for Steam Early Access, is available now on the Nintendo Switch for $14.99.

Blast through the defense and go for the touchdown with uppercuts, tornado kicks, and thunder bombs! Jump into the arcade action in Season Mode and power up every pass, kick, and tackle. Take your team online against other players in real-time multiplayer. Battle your friends on the same screen or over Local Wireless to find out whose team reigns supreme.

Grow your team from a roster of low-level rookies into a squad of powerful Football Heroes. Check back often in the Free Agency to pick up stronger players, then train them to unlock their full potential and powerful new Super Moves. Fumble Tackle your foes, Ice Uppercut that pesky cornerback, or Electric Bomb a hole through the offensive line for a QB sack! Got a crowd of defensive tackles on your kick returner’s heels? Teleport into the shadow realm and pass right through them! Do you have the skills and grit to build the ultimate football team?

  • Arcade football action – turbo, tackle, punch, and spin your way down the field
  • Use Super Moves to gain the advantage over your opponents – Ground Pound the defense off their feet, Slow-Mo Kick the perfect field goal, and Rocket Boost into the endzone
  • Battle other teams in multiplayer or Season mode as you work to build the ultimate football team
  • Customize your team – choose your own logo, city, name, and even pre-game trash talk
  • Level up your players and team through playing games and earning experience on the field
  • Over 280 Football Heroes to collect with unique stats and Super Moves
  • Play with a friend on the same screen or over Local Wireless!
  • Play oline to take on other player’s teams in fierce head-to-head battle
  • Season mode: take on CPU opponents and beat the titans of football to become the ultimate football master!

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  1. How did I miss this game was on Steam? I was looking for a Tecmo Bowl style game back in September. I may have to check this out, though it seems like development in Early Access has stopped (or at least put on the back burner, possibly for the Switch release).
    Although a kid friendly comparison, this game in videos looks like a more mature Backyard Football. Which to be fair, is an absolute great thing. I loved all those "Backyard" sports games back in the day. And I feel like there are too many games that try and flirt the line between arcade and sim, when choosing either, would create a much better game. I get that money is money and a business is a business, but if you cater to everyone, everyone suffers. Where as if you specialize well, you get customers who never would have played it, just because it was so good. How many people played an RPG before, then bought Skyrim? A lot I imagine. I was one. But to my original comment lol, this game looks very fun and would love to buy it.

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