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First WWE 2K18 Video Footage and New Screenshots

WWE 2K18

First WWE 2K18 Video Footage and New Screenshots

2k has released new WWE 2K17 vs. WWE 2K18 comparison screenshots today featuring Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar and cover athlete Seth Rollins. They also posted some WWE 2K18 video footage, featuring Randy Orton’s entrance and a few other little nuggets of information.


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  1. Wow.....
    The difference is pretty eye opening....
    Brock hasn't looked that accurate since the old PS2 days. You can even see the cuts/scarring around his eyes.
    Hope to see some women (especially Dana Brook & Naomi) soon since most of them looked terrible last year.
    from Bills Backer/Spurs Nation HQ
    Wow these are looking great, with these and the screens from NBA game 2k might be getting a decent amount of money from me this year on both games.
    I too am blown away with these screenshots, but it seems like they are making the really good ones great. I'd like to see if they still make bliss a burn victim and if they can give someone like warrior actual hair rather than a helmet.
    Models look a lot more detailed and accurate. But is it just me or does the lighting seem a little off?
    Seems like someone forgot the lights on
    Definitely see a difference and that's good. Now I want to see it how it looks running in real time under REAL conditions. Also, can't wait to see how the 'championships' look in this game.

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