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The First Look at NHL 18 Arrives Tomorrow

NHL 18

The First Look at NHL 18 Arrives Tomorrow

The official hype train for NHL 18 starts tomorrow, as EA Sports plans to release their first look at the game. Last year, right around this time, EA released the NHL 17 features, which included NHL Draft Champions, the World Cup of Hockey and much more. What are you hoping to hear and/or see tomorrow?


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  1. Roster sharing please!
    Besides that, I just want a reason to be hyped for the game. I want a reason to buy this game on day 1. Give me some gameplay and Franchise Mode improvements.
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    I understand different game modes all play a little differently from one another, so I want to say my comments are geared more towards "Online VS. Mode." That said, what I'm really hoping for is to finally get a game that plays more like actual hockey instead of the nonsense that goes on now. As far as new features are concerned, this is what I've come up with off the top of my head:
    +Tighter, more responsive skating controls (especially while controlling a player in the defensive zone behind your own net.).
    +A revamp to face-off mechanics. I'd actually love to see a whole new system in place for face-offs, as I've grown tired of the one that's in place.
    +Better passing logic. Seriously, I've lost track of the amount of blown opportunities I've missed out on because of errant passes going in what often seems like completely random directions. I've tinkered with the pass assist settings quite a bit, but this still occurs far too frequently.
    +Smarter A.I. I don't know how many times I've actually laughed out loud over the stupidity of my AI controlled players. For example, I can't count the amount of times I've watched my A.I. D-men flying down the ice with the PERFECT angle locked in for a huge hit on the puck carrier, and then at the very last second, slam on the brakes and let the guy blow right by him.
    +A realistic and consistent implementation of dekes and puck carrying.
    +SEAMLESS PUCK PICKUPS that are actually, well... seamless. Don't get me wrong - as much fun as it is to skate 3 complete circles around an idle puck without taking control of it, there's still a game of hockey to be played...
    +A faster overall sense of speed to the online game. The offline game feels so different than online play. It would be awesome if online play moved with the same speed and fluidity as the offline game modes.
    Of course Game play is top priority but getting game play impressions from a trailer or first look is all but impossible so I am not expecting to see much or take much in that regard.
    5 man celebrations are long overdue
    multiplayer scrums and pushing and shoving after the whistle would be nice and add to the immersion aspect of it. little things like that can also help to improve game play.
    Roster share is a must.
    Not a needed upgrade but I personally would love a mask creator and better uniform creator that could be used for your online teams.
    GM Connected. I haven't bought NHL since they took it out. If they were to bring it back, this would be a day 1 purchase for me.

    This... I have bought the game but haven't paid full price and won't till GM connected is back.
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    How about allowing us to edit attributes DURING the season like MLB The Show? That way WE can update our rosters DURING a franchise mode without having to start a new one to get players abilities to where they should be at that point.
    Also revamp the free agency. It's not nearly realistic.
    The things I want to see aren't likely to be in the trailer, but overall I just hope to see EA address a lot of the areas where the game has been dragging behind other sports titles for years.
    Customization (jerseys, players, logos, team names), on-ice presentation (the way teams play, attribute affects, the way lines are handled) and I think more importantly of all, the AI.
    The AI in this game has probably been the biggest source of frustration for me. Defense and offense become tedious when I'm spending all of my time trying to make up for the AI that's just out of position and completely passive in their defensive roles.
    But, if they eventually reverse their current trend and start going back to in-depth looks at the way they change things (there are so many pages to steal out of SCEA's book from The Show, but that one would be huge) then I'll be pleasantly surprised.
    If they keep the course like they have with 15-17...probably going to be skipping this year, for the first time ever.

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