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FIFA 20: PC Graphics Mod Gives Glimpse Into Future

fifa 20 pc graphics mod


FIFA 20: PC Graphics Mod Gives Glimpse Into Future

I don’t believe the transition back to PC for EA has gone poorly, but I do think it’s fair to say it has not quite gained the traction among folks that I hoped or expected so far. FIFA and Madden are the poster children for the push back to PC, but it’s not something I feel EA makes an active part of its marketing process. I still even see people on OS say here and there say they did not realize EA Sports games were back on PC. It’s why this FIFA 20 PC mod from Fede De Blasio and the GFX MOD team deserves some extra attention.

It is a Patreon-centric mod so you do have to pay for it, but it’s a really impressive mod that highlights a reason why next-gen could be exciting. I don’t even mean because of new consoles, I just mean it’s a chance for PC to perhaps be on a level playing field.

A console change can bring with it lots of other surprising changes for a genre, and I do hope one of those is more acceptance of the PC sports games. NBA 2K is probably still the gold standard here for customization, but there is still so much room to grow for PC sports games, especially if the developers and publishers allow it. We have had some cool college mods in Madden, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Franchise modes have not been touched a lot, and the PC versions of these games could be bastions of hope for those who want more from those modes.

Gameplay remains the one area that can be hard to fix via mods, but everything else feels within the realm of possibility.

fifa 20 pc graphics mod

Here is a list of some of the graphical changes with this PC mod, according to the folks behind it:

  • Brand new realistic TV Broadcast Camera with auto-zoom-in features and better tracking of the play
  • Includes all-new UHD 4K Turfs + 4K 3D Grass Textures + Specific assignments for ALL stadiums
  • New Realistic Color-Palette
  • New Pitch Colors (up to 6 versions to choose from!)
  • Ultra HD LOD (Level Of Detail)
  • New Menus + New Interface Color
  • New Splash Screen

fifa 20 pc graphics mod

Getting certain licensing and things like that where EA does not want to cough up the cash have always been the go-to elements for graphical mods, but this goes to another level with the graphical improvements and even introducing a new camera. It’s a very in-depth project and shows how committed these folks are to making FIFA 20 as good as it can be on this front. Hopefully, since PC and next-gen consoles will be close to the same in power at least at the start of the generation, it will allow PC games to take off from the jump.

We may eventually get future support for the PC push from the likes of San Diego Studios. However, even if The Show does not end up coming to PC, EA and 2K need to keep pushing forward on this front.


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  1. Ya this mod is really well done. A lot of graphic mods I generally don’t like as they can get over the top, saturated colours etc. But this one nails it.
    as far as EA games NHL would be huge. Being able to have all the real goalie masks back in the day was amazing.  Out of all the modding I’ve done EA  games and frostbite are the biggest pain though.
    PES and NBA 2k are really moddable and both have great communities. One game not mentioned that is probably the best modded game I’ve played  is FirePro wrestling. Carlzilla has made that game an absolute beast with his mod suite. 
    Which leads me to probably the hardest game to mod, WWE2k. It’s brutal .  I’m sure some would disagree but the cost of entry is enormous. I modded the crap out of 18 and lost it all in a corrupt save debacle. Bought 19 and have been staring at it for a year and just can’t invest the time to get my WCW heyday roster going.
    This looks great. I'll probably get FIFA on PC next year mainly for the mods that fix all the issues in CM and help with some of the gameplay issues. Not to concerned with graphics at the moment as I'd rather have a playable game. The graphics mods would/will just be a bonus. Of course this is assuming EA doesn't become petty and make it incredibly difficult to mod the game. I'm still holding a bit of hope that this year is such a disaster because the focus was/is FIFA 21 and they just decided to treat 20 as a "legacy" edition.
    "Hopefully, since PC and next-gen consoles will be close to the same in power at least at the start of the generation"
    PLease, PS5 is allready outdated to pc high end standards. take a Ryzen 7 and a RTX 3060 or 2060 for all that matters. PC is allways miles ahead of consoles. Games on consoles are a stripped down version of what they could be on PC.  high settings on latest AAA games is  console quality, very high settings to go above, ultra settings to go above and beyond.

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