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FIFA 20 FUT: Quiet After the Storm

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FIFA 20 FUT: Quiet After the Storm

It’s no surprise that things are winding down for FIFA 20 FUT after the Black Friday extravaganza. There are no new player SBCs or objectives so far, but there are two new upgrade SBCs to at least analyze.


The first is the 81-87 upgrade:

  • You need a minimum of five gold players
  • The team chemistry has to be 45 or above

This SBC is one that will cost you about 3K, but it’s another one of those traps in that your weighted value is going to fall much closer to 81, 82 or 83 than anything resembling an 87. Are there still some low 80s cards that sell for a lot? Yes. Are you going to get them? Most likely, no. It’s an SBC to look at if you have tons of untradeable golds/silvers/bronzes — especially silvers and bronzes — but overall I still think using your untradeable gold cards is more worthwhile in player SBCs you care about than this random grab bag of potential players.

Next up is the 82+ rated guaranteed:

  • Exchange a minimum of 7 rare players
  • You need exactly gold players
  • The team chemistry must be a minimum of 30

This SBC will cost about 6.75K to complete. Much like the SBCs yesterday, the added +1 to your guaranteed player rating is not worth the raised cost. Chances are you end up getting an 82 overall, and you’re just feeling bitter. If you have untradeable players and really want to ditch them, at least do the 81-87 SBC and get a little bang for your buck.


On top of some of the players from over the weekend expiring in the next two days, just a friendly reminder that Jamie Vardy POTM card is also coming up on its expiration date. It remains one of the most affordable and best bangs for your buck if you need a pacy EPL striker. I highly recommend doing the SBC before it expires if you have not done it already.

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