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FIFA 20 FUT: Player Objectives Moi Gomez Upgraded

fut moi gomez upgrade


FIFA 20 FUT: Player Objectives Moi Gomez Upgraded

As part of the Winter Refresh, Moi Gomez is the latest player objectives card to get upgraded challenges. There’s also a new upgrade SBC, but I would pass on that. Let’s quickly run through both items below.

Winter Refresh Moi Gomez

fut moi gomez upgrade

Scoring Spaniard – Two Players pack

  • Score using Gomez in 6 separate Rivals wins while using 11 La Liga players in your starting squad

Central Creator – Two Players pack

  • Assist 7 goals with a through ball in Rivals

Driven to Score – Two Players pack

  • Score 3 goals with low driven shots in Rivals with Gomez

Tying into Politano and Verstraete, Moi Gomez is the third player objectives card to get a new set of challenges. I used Gomez a lot because I also got FUTMAS Cazorla around the same time. I enjoy the card and will be doing these new challenges for sure.

83+ Upgrade SBC

fut winter refresh puzzle sbc

Price: About 10K according to FUTBin

Quick Analysis: This one is a pass for me. The gambling on this one even with untradeable cards is too rich for my blood. I have actually had good look on these upgrade SBCs all year, but at about 10K a pop, it’s still too much giving up that many 82-rated cards for one risk that doesn’t have enough upside.

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