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Inching closer to Black Friday, the FIFA developers dropped a new league SBC on us. No, it’s probably not the league you have been waiting for, but this Liga NOS SBC is still intriguing. Let’s take a look at it below.


The two options are Shoya Nakajima and Rodrigo Battaglia. They present different positives and negatives. Nakajima has the hard link to Alex Telles, who is one of the most meta and used left backs in the game. Then you have Rodrigo Battaglia who comes from a very easy to link nation, and also is probably the better player of the two. Completing these challenges from scratch will cost about 100K, according to FUTBin.

Looking first at Nakajima, he is a four-star skills, four-star weak foot, right-footed left midfielder with finesse shot and flair shot traits. He also has low defensive work rates and high attacking work rates. He has 81 long shots, 83 short passing, 98 agility, 96 acceleration, 89 sprint speed, 98 balance and 84 composure. This card at first glance appears to be a very dangerous attacking left midfielder who can be strong on the ball while blitzing down the sidelines before cutting inside. His link to Alex Telles is also big, but him being a Japanese Liga NOS player means you may struggle to link him with non-icons as well.

With Rodrigo Battaglia, you get a three-star skill moves, four-star weak foot, right-footed center midfielder. He has high defensive work rates and medium attacking work rates. He has 80 acceleration, 85 sprint speed, 70 agility, 91 short passing, 89 long passing, 90 shot power, 92 long shots, 89 ball control, 71 balance, 86 composure and 86 standing tackle. Even though he may be a little weak on the ball, I think this is the better overall card of the two, and Battaglia provides some intriguing links as well in a Liga NOS-centric team or beyond. He also forms a group of links with Telles, Nakajima, Bruno Fernandes and Marcos Acuna (probably the in-form version). That would low key be one of the better ways to fill out the left side of a team with perfect chemistry, albeit it’s still not a “budget” way to get a really good team, but it’s not too pricey either. I have no doubts that group would be very dangerous and surprise a lot of your opponents.


Overall, I think this league SBC is good value even if you want to do it twice. That being said, the packs are bad. The FIFA team has been way more stingy this year with quality reward packs in these league SBCs. I have to assume it’s by design, but it does cut into the margins for making back your money when doing these SBCs. With Black Friday around the corner, be wary of that because you will want some coins on hand for that day.

Nevertheless, it’s 18 teams to knock out in the Liga NOS if you want to get one of these players. Elsewhere, there’s not much more going on in FUT so far today as we get a bit of a calm before the Black Friday storm.

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