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FIFA 20 FUT: Holiday Season Guide

fifa 20 fut holiday season rewards


FIFA 20 FUT: Holiday Season Guide

It’s a truncated season for FIFA 20 FUT this time around. This season has been dubbed the Holiday Season to, well, coincide with the holidays. This season update did provide some quality of life improvements, as well as various new objectives to get XP and other goodies. Let’s touch on some of them below.

Daily Objectives

We finally got a swap of daily objectives so they won’t be the same three you have seen for months. They should at least rotate a bit more, or at least have one changed out that is not just “buy a player” each day. You also have different daily rewards available as well if you finish all three objectives for the day.

FUTMAS Objective

fifa 20 futmas player objective rousillon

FUTMAS Roussillon coincided with the turnover with this season:

Loan FUTMAS Rousillon

  • Score using Bundesliga players in a Rivals win to earn Roussillon on 10-game loan

The Flash Of Sarcelles – Gold pack

  • Score 10 goals using Ligue 1 players in Squad Battles on minimum semi-pro difficulty

Rapid Fire – Gold pack

  • Score 15 goals using a low driven shot in Online Friendlies

Speedster – Premium Gold pack

  • Assist four goals using crosses in Rivals

French Gladiator – Gold Players pack

  • Score at least 2 goals using French players in 4 separate Rivals wins

These are not too bad considering the Rivals wins requirements are actually straightforward. I welcome all Online Friendlies objectives, and Squad Battles are easy enough to knock out as well if you want this above-average card.

XP Rewards

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The Holiday Season XP rewards are also shortened to level 20 to coincide with the fact that the season ends on January 17. We have screenshots above highlighting the biggest prizes, but I’ll call out a couple level rewards below.

  • Level 1 – 1,000 coins boost for five matches
  • Level 5 – Get Zidane for a 7 match loan
  • Level 9 – FUTMAS Delphe
  • Level 14 – FUTMAS Cazorla
  • Level 16 – Mega pack
  • Level 20 – Choice pick between Storyline Perisic and Batshuayi
Other Objectives

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Beyond the weekly bronze, silver, gold objectives, the two unique additions are Zidane’s Story and The Spirit of Sharing.

Spirit of Sharing is based around just knocking out assists in any FUT game mode to get XP. With Zidane’s Story, you’re getting a Zidane Tifo at the end of it. You will need to use that loan Zidane from the XP rewards to knock these out unless you’re lucky enough to already have Base Icon Zidane.


  • Win two matches in any FUT mode with Base Icon Zidane and 5 players from Ligue 1 in starting squad

An Italian Job

  • Get assist with Base Icon Zidane in any FUT mode and at least 5 Serie A players in starting squad

Los Galacticos

  • Score a volley in any mode using Base Icon Zidane and at least 3 La Liga players in your starting squad

I would not go out of your way to do this one, but for those who want every single point of XP they can get, you can travel down this path towards a tifo.

There will be plenty more stuff that crops up week to week for this Holiday Season, but all in all it’s about what’s in line with the other seasons so far this year in FIFA 20 FUT.

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