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FIFA 20 FUT: EPL Player Objectives Upgrade and Winter Refresh Cyprien Joins Ligue 1 League SBC

fut winter refresh cyprien splash


FIFA 20 FUT: EPL Player Objectives Upgrade and Winter Refresh Cyprien Joins Ligue 1 League SBC

The league SBCs and the player objectives continue to be the driving force here in FUT this week. We also get the return of Champions League Marquee Matchups and a puzzle SBC. Winter Refresh Cyprien will be joining the Ligue 1 league SBC options, and now you can upgrade player objectives Trossard to an 87 overall. The Cyprien looks intriguing and might be the best new league SBC refresh we have received so far.

Ligue 1 League SBC – Winter Refresh Cyprien

fut winter refresh cyprien splash

Price: About 230-260K according to FUTBin

fut winter refresh cyprien

Quick Analysis: There’s a lot of interesting links and options at this point in Ligue 1. EA has really tried to strengthen up this league in the past month or so, and it shows now with the depth here. He links with FUTMAS Atal and also can combo with guys like Ikone and season objectives Aouar. With Ikone, Cyprien becomes the CDM, but with Aouar you can split the responsibilities more 50-50. Renato Sanches is another player he’s going against (he doesn’t perfectly link with Sanches), so if you spent the coin on guys like Ikone and Sanches already, it might not make sense to pursue this card. If you didn’t pick Aouar in your season objectives, then it does open this option up.

Also, just so you know, Cyprien has four-star skills and a three-star weak foot. He also has medium-medium work rates. His best attributes are, well, that he pretty much doesn’t have a weakness. You’re free to use just about any chemistry style you want depending on what you want to boost to the next level. In other words, the flexibility is another reason why the card is appealing.

All in all, I do think card is now the premiere CDM Ligue 1 midfielder. His pace mixed with his ability to still provide some offense while being great on defense is a quality combination. In the grander scheme, certain forms of Kante are still the best form of a CDM from France (excluding Icons). Taking current prices into account, and the fact that you get packs back, I think you’re not really overpaying here if you have a Ligue 1 team. Cyprien should absolutely be able to hold up.

EPL Player Objectives Upgrade – Trossard

fut epl trossard upgrade

Finishing From The Flank – Two Players pack

  • Score using Trossard in 6 separate Rivals win with 11 EPL players in your starting squad

Assist Architect – Two Players pack

  • Assist 7 goals with crosses in Rivals using Trossard

Premier League Precision – Two Players pack

  • Score 3 finesse shot goals in Rivals with Trossard
Champions League Marquee Matchups

fut champions league marquee matchups

Price: 20-22K

Overall Prize: Rare Electrum Players pack

Tottenham Vs. RB Leipzig – Small Prime Gold Players pack

  • Minimum 2 players from Tottenham and RB Leipzig
  • Minimum 2 English players
  • Minimum 2 German players
  • Minimum 75 overall squad rating
  • Minimum 85 team chemistry

Dortmund Vs. PSG – Rare Mixed Players pack

  • Minimum 2 players from PSG and Dortmund
  • Minimum 3 players from Bundesliga
  • Minimum 4 players from Ligue 1
  • Minimum 3 rare or UCL rare blue players
  • Minimum 80 overall squad rating
  • Minimum 85 team chemistry
The Wait Is Over – Puzzle SBC

fut puzzle sbc

Price: 9-11K

Prize: Premium Gold Players pack

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