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FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Video Features 20 Minutes of Gameplay Footage


FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Video Features 20 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

EA Sports hosted a live Twitch stream yesterday going over the finer details of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. The Twitch stream archive can be viewed here, in its entirety. If you’re looking for gameplay, start watching at roughly the 39:00 mark.

We will have a full breakdown on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team in the coming days, until then, you can check out the trailer and screenshots below.


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  1. I mean it's FIFA for sure, but it looks pretty good. The pace and movement seems like a solid foundation to adjust sliders from. Player animation is definitely improved, but it still looks "glitchier" than it did before the move to Frostbite.
    Why is the damn ball still so tiny?
    Does the ball appear too small again to anyone else? I do love the movement of the ball on the corner kick though. Looks much more organic and lifelike.
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    Nice to see La Liga get its own broadcast package this year, including scoreboards. Really helps immersion imo. At a glance visuals and lighting* look slightly more polished as expected. With regards to gameplay it looks fast- although *it's difficult to take anything from FUT videos, so I'll remain hopeful and reserve my judgement for some human v CPU footage.
    Agree with the comments on here regarding visuals, much smoother animations. Never easy to see if the AI is improved when it's human v human (even harder when it's 2 v 2) so will reserve judgment for now...
    On a personal note I found it extremely annoying that these twits kept skipping the replay goals, you often see the subtleties of animations etc. during those.
    the ball is perfect, it is that small in real life too

    Watch the EPL every weekend, and consider myself an avid soccer fan. I honestly feel, from my eye test, that ball looks too small in relation to the players legs.
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    As a Madridista, I can't believe how many players on Real don't have cyber faces. Especially considering EA and Real Madrid have a partnership, every player should have been scanned. Some of the players not scanned were even in the video lol.

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