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Face of the Franchise: QB1 Could Change the Future of Madden (Analysis)

Madden NFL 20

Face of the Franchise: QB1 Could Change the Future of Madden (Analysis)

Nowadays, every sports video game has a single-player story mode that developers can hang their hat on.

These modes differ greatly from sport to sport, but each provides a special something that drives the user back time after time. And whether you’re playing 2K’s MyPlayer mode or MLB The Show’s Road to the Show, each game fulfills the task at hand by trying to make the game feel as realistic as possible to its true-life representation. This might seem like an unattainable task in the first go around for Madden, especially when the developers at EA have just started to scratch the surface with their solo campaigns, but it now looks like they’re going for it. So is it possible?

Yesterday, we learned about the newest features in Madden 2020. Furthermore, we learned that EA has devoted ample time into franchise mode, as well as its newest game mode, Face of the Franchise: QB1. And based off of what we read over at EA, this new game mode should not be taken lightly.

Let’s take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly from the QB1 announcement.

Things I’m Excited About

  • One of the biggest takeaways from the news is that Madden is going to implement a story mode centered around you, QB1. And where other games have failed by not allowing users to scan their face into the game, Madden is destined to succeed. In the past, not having this option could be a deal breaker for some. I’m very intrigued for a game mode that allows me to accurately scan my face into the game right before putting on my helmet (with a visor) and rushing onto the field.
  • For many years, fans have anxiously awaited news to break on a brand new NCAA Football game. Unfortunately, that still isn’t a thing. But with the announcement of EA’s latest game mode, came news that Madden would include 10 collegiate schools in this year’s game. This will not only give gamers their long-awaited NCAA fix, but it’s a great way to bring ‘Face of the Franchise’ to life. Which college will you choose? And how will your decisions, on and off the field, impact your story?
  • Like with any video game, the gameplay is what separates one game from another. So it will be very telling to see if ‘Face of the Franchise’ plays exactly like ‘play now’ Madden, or if there will be additional things added to help further expand the game mode.

Questions I Have

  • If this is going to work, the other players on the field must contribute to the feel and realism of the game. Can the other 10 players on offense coincide with a superhuman quarterback? How will the AI interact with opposing players and vice versa?
  • Throughout the season, EA says it will tweak both franchise mode and QB1 as the season progresses. Will this be paid content? How fresh can they keep it throughout seasons, and even more so, during the dead period. Lastly, with the National Championship playoffs and NFL Combine confirmed for Madden 20, how will the outcome of these two objectives dictate the game? How in-depth is the combine?
  • Will the quarterbacks play different based on their tendencies? Or will they all have a similar feel, since QB1 is user-controlled? Will there be additional controls to do some of the things that we see Patrick Mahomes do on Sunday?

Final Analysis

As I’ve learned many times over the duration of my life, it’s always best to use a wait and see approach when dealing with the unknown. And yes, we have now learned that there is a lot to look forward to in Madden 2020. And no matter how successful or unsuccessful ‘Face of the Franchise” might be, building a solid foundation now will go a long way towards the future success of QB1.

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