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F1 2021 Driver Ratings Revealed

f1 2021 driver ratings

F1 2021

F1 2021 Driver Ratings Revealed

After revealing some of the F1 2021 driver ratings last week, Codemasters and EA have released the complete list of driver ratings today. The dynamic My Team ratings, which update throughout the season, reflect real-world performance. By analyzing various datasets, drivers are scored on four factors – experience, racecraft, awareness, and pace, to give an overall rating.

In My Team, F1 2021’s driver-owner mode, players create their own team and select a teammate from the current F2 and F1 market to form the 11th team on the grid. Players will need to build their team’s reputation across multiple seasons to entice the best drivers to their team.

Seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton and the current World Drivers Championship leader Max Verstappen, top the ratings table with scores of 95. With many races to go, more changes will come as the season progresses.

We’ve posted the top 3 overall driver ratings below. Check out the full ratings at the official website.

  • Lewis Hamilton – Overall 95
  • Max Verstappen – Overall 95
  • Valterri Bottas – Overall 92

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  1. This game could be quite good.  I'm really hoping that they can expand their online league capabilities beyond just you and a friend.  Would also be interesting if they would implement a driver/driver chief dynamic.  Instead of just you as the racer with all the data you would have to work with another partner that would provide you updates on tyre wear, pit strategies, potential weather conditions... all things that is handle within your driving team.  The driver would only have the information that a real driver would have during a race.  I think that would make for a great watch especially on the esports circuit.
    some point they need to do more rule changes on my team mode like maybe one year there is only 5-7 parts what you can put your car and maybe buy 3 facility upgrades ....maybe one year you have only 1 or 2 sponsors the whole year stuff like this. Now i have to make this my self like my own rule book 10year my team mode :D :D its fun but we need this kind of things on the game 

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