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eSports Boxing Club - Why Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua Won't Be in ESBC

eSports Boxing Club Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua

eSports Boxing Club

eSports Boxing Club - Why Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua Won't Be in ESBC

The roster news has been really positive for ESBC overall, but two boxers who will not make it into eSports Boxing Club are Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua. Prince details the why in our latest video.

The long and short of it is EA locked Joshua and Fury up to exclusive deals, and this relates to their inclusion in UFC 4. Prince has a deeper breakdown of how that deal came together with EA — and how it fell through for Steel City — and for how long these two boxers might be locked up with EA. Regardless, there will be a create-a-boxer feature in ESBC, so Fury and Joshua can still make it into the game via community creations at least.

On the bright side, there is a new look at the prototype for the ESBC Championship belt, which you can also find in the video.

How bummed are you to be missing out on Joshua and Fury in ESBC?


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  1. The story itself is not all that surprising, but how and why it happened is interesting to hear about in the video if you care to get a little more into the weeds of the licensing wars.
    Boxing licensing is a nightmare at the best of times. Tbh I never thought these two would be in.... same as Tyson and Ali... some will want too much money or have complex deals elsewhere....obviously we would all love the obvious guys - like Holyfield..
    But what about...
    David Haye
    Lennox Lewis
    Steve Collins
    Chris Eubank
    Audley Harrison
    Amid Khan
    Prince Naseem...
    Haye, Lewis Eubank and the last two would be my most wanted.... Bruno would have been top of my list but amazing him and Benn both made it in...
    Oh and Michael Watson... please

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