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eSports Boxing Club Screenshot Looks Unreal

eSports Boxing Club Screenshot

eSports Boxing Club

eSports Boxing Club Screenshot Looks Unreal

Prince has been keeping a close eye on eSports Boxing Club, and so he’s been more than ready to discuss the newest eSports Boxing Club screenshot that came out a couple days ago.

This is being hyped up as an in-engine screenshot featuring Ricky Hatton and Conor Nigel Benn. Prince has previously talked about this new boxing game here and here. This simulation boxer from Steel City Interactive is not currently slated for next-gen consoles, but is supposed to be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC at some point.


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  1. Models and faces look great, but that lighting looks weird. Hopefully it’s just the venue.
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    Even better is the news that the gameplay looks great, especially boxer movement. Looking forward to more* media on this one.

    what news? I'd love to see more gameplay
    Seeing how all the sports releases that have come out this year have been pretty much copy & paste, this my most anticipated release this year just bought a new gaming laptop so can’t wait.
    they are on the right track.....definitely some potential here. looking forward to more.

    Man the pessimist inside of me says if its that good something is wrong?. I just hope this just isn't another bait and switch like Madden did years ago I think there needs to be some gameplay before I get a inkling of excitement about this. But that looks like a highly rendered shot that if really is in game is a giant step forward...

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