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ESBC Career Mode: Cutmen, Training, and Promoter Info

ESBC career mode

eSports Boxing Club

ESBC Career Mode: Cutmen, Training, and Promoter Info

In this video, Prince shows us a bit of what you may have missed in regards to the ESBC career mode details on the use of cutmen, trainers, promoters, and more.

This video comes on the heels of our discussion surrounding Muhammad Ali coming to ESBC, so there’s plenty to look forward through right now throughout eSports Boxing Club and its career mode.


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  1. re: roach, maybe but this video does a good job because I don't pause promotional videos and analyize them, but he did it for me so it was interesting.
    I think the depth is clearly there or at least the target depth is there.
    All that remains to be seen but personally it's all about the feel of the gameplay - I can't wait to try it but I realize how hard it is to pull off now more than ever. The simpler the sport (2 guys hitting each other) the more complicated it gets. It's way harder imo to make a boxing game work than say 2k basketball. I think it's because instead of checking boxes as to getting in the game what you see on TV it becomes all about nuances which are clearly the hardest thing to develop in a game.

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