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eFootball Gameplay Trailer, Screenshots and Some Features Revealed


eFootball 2022

eFootball Gameplay Trailer, Screenshots and Some Features Revealed

Konami has released their official eFootball gameplay trailer, new screenshots and some more features on the upcoming free-to-play soccer game. Completely rebuilt in the Unreal Engine, eFootball is scheduled to launch in autumn for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10 and PC Steam, followed with iOS and Android soon afterwards.

Key Features

A new brand identity for a new generation of consoles and players, eFootball represents a fresh approach for the long-running franchise, previously known as Pro Evolution Soccer and Winning Eleven.

  • Players can block their opponent’s shot by throwing their body or by reading the kick and cutting the pass. Naturally, stealing the ball close to the opponent’s goal creates an excellent scoring opportunity.
  • eFootball recreates the “physical defense”, which is so important in real-life football, with a charging command when defending. In addition, the offensive team can also use their bodies to keep the ball in play, making both offensive and defensive play more dynamic.
  • The eFootball development team has analyzed real-life football tactics to create a new set of “1vs1” win/lose rules. With Motion Matching technology, the game evaluates the ball, movement speed, body direction, physical ability and more in real-time to affect the movement of every player. These win/lose rules work in tandem with player movement to make the game more convincing, including foul decisions, which have been reworked.
  • Team play styles are a vital part of football, so the AI controlling the off-the-ball players has been revamped. Combining this with the new attacking and defending controls, players will have much greater freedom to play the way they want.
  • The new “Duel” camera zooms in when the player is in a 1vs1 situation, allowing the player to enjoy the 1vs1 scene from a closer distance. When the player is in a free situation, the field of view expands, allowing the player to send a long pass at the right moment.
  • The new Motion Matching animation system creates much more natural and fluid player movements. In addition, ball movement has seen further enhancements due to a partnership with a research institute. Finally, the action never stops during a match, due to the Seamless Restart system.

The following features will be added in an update after launch.

  • Players will be able to control the strength of kicking the ball as well as determining dribbling speed; from a knock-on all the way to a full dash, just as in real football. In addition, on PlayStation 5, eFootball will make use of the controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to feel the difference of player movements.
  • With greater freedom to control how the player will trap the ball, each play becomes a mind game. A wide array of dribbles and body feints are also available with intuitive commands. In combination, these ensure that every single duel offers an exciting moment for both attacker and defender.
  • An option to charge a “sharp kick”, complete with new animations, will make the game even more technical and exciting. Players will be able to perform special kicks, such as sharp crosses, fast lofted passes and rising shots. These new actions take more time to execute, so players will need to choose the right opportunities during a match.

Here are the basic controls in eFootball.


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  1. So since everyone crapped on the fake British robot voice they force us to read everything. Man are those generic bright eFootball kits ugly. Boooooo to both of those moments. Leave those out of all future marketing please. Lol
    - Some of the players definitely look better. Not sold on the movement but I'm watching on my phone. Might look better in person.
    - That part where the attacker steals the ball and creates a chance, so I don't know much about Sule but would he or any center back really be doing that move in that situation?
    - 1v1 emphasis is always worrying but only if they nerf second man press or ai ability to help out when appropriate. 1v1 is fine but typically you won't see a defenders teammate just leave someone to defend solo in most situations.
    - Enhanced foul system you say. Intriguing but few sports titles get their respective penalties/fouls correct. At least they acknowledged it.
    - I did like the movement on both offense and defense on some of those "new" playstyles it isn't 100% where I'd like it on defense but looks better than that other game so far.
    - I kind of like the new duel camera. I know many like to see as much of the pitch as possible but im at a point we're I just have a feel for where teammates will be so. I can do "blind" passing across if needed.
    - Did someone say more realistic ball movement always a fan of that.
    Overall solid video looked like the vid we should have gotten back in July. Did I miss it or are there still no dates for anything. Not even talking DLC at this point just release of the game in general. Only thing I could find is a rumor of Sept. 7th a Tuesday so it seems plausible but eh if it's that soon I'd think they would have said something.
    Again it's free so I'm willing to give it a go but when will that be possible.
    Sent from my Pixel 4a (5G) using Operation Sports mobile app
    I think it looks really good. I'm intrigued for sure. I'm a Konami football fan from way back in the day (International Superstars Soccer on N64 for the win!) but had drifted away in recent years. I really enjoy the technical strategy aspects of soccer moreso than the stickwork/fancy dribbling stuff - which might be one of the reasons I drifted away from the series, when I had to have a 30 page manual to reference all the dribbling move combos like I was trying to master Guile's moveset in Street Fighter 5 or something, so to me this might be a step in the right direction. I want to be able to run "plays" essentially with my team, so some of the strategy stuff highlighted like the long ball approach, quick counter, etc. with the players making the appropriate movements off-ball looked really interesting to me.
    Obviously easy enough to give this a shot if it's free to play, but I am looking forward to giving it a run-through.
    I really fear what the offline CPU defense will be like lol. But the player movement and overall look of the game reminds me of PES.

    Yeah, I'm hoping the trailer was on a super easy difficulty and it'll look better at higher difficulties because some of the defenders were just walking around watching the offensive players run right past them lol
    Stoked that they finally designated a button for shielding.  Honestly I'm just taking them at their word on the whole "brand new engine" thing, because the graphics and animations look almost identical to last year, the year before, etc.  Few things I'm hopeful to see in the demo, assuming there is one:
    -Improved, more responsive "controlled" dribble
    -Manual finesse shots fixed
    -Option to decline tactical updates when DLing roster updates
    -For my PS5 to not sound like a rocket ship when I play the game (fingers crossed)
    That's it, get those things right and I'm almost certainly in, barring any AI catastrophes.

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