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EA Sports UFC 3 Patch Adds New Fighters, Gameplay Additions, Fixes, AI Tuning & Much More

EA Sports UFC 3

EA Sports UFC 3 Patch Adds New Fighters, Gameplay Additions, Fixes, AI Tuning & Much More

EA Sports has released their Day 35 patch for EA Sports UFC 3, after collecting feedback since release. Check out the patch notes, which included videos, below.

Fighter Updates

  • Added three new fighters;
    • Colby Covington in Welterweight
    • Tom Duquesnoy in Bantamweight
    • Gökhan Saki in Light Heavyweight
  • Moved Yancy Medeiros to Welterweight; Moved Jake Matthews to Welterweight


  • Difficulty tuning; reducing jump in difficulty at Contender
  • Stamina increase for first WFA fight

Ultimate Team

  • Fighter and Move Items may now include a temporary boost effect
  • Multi-Boost Items are now available
  • UI improvements made to Solo Challenges

Gameplay AI Tuning

  • Reduced AI aggression
  • Reduced AI tendency to leg check
  • Reduced AI grappling transition frequency following denials
  • Reduced AI tendency to throw strikes from poor grappling positions
  • Tuned AI to throw more standing strikes
  • Added Justin Gaetjhe custom block to his AI

Gameplay Fixes

  • Fixed various combinations that did not trigger properly
  • Fixed free strike after an active knockdown, getup, or catch kick counter
  • Fixed free strike in Side Control after a Power Takedown
  • Fixed a hang in Guard Arm Trap Triangle
  • Fixed stamina bug with Holloway Custom Taunt
  • Many more various bug fixes

Gameplay Additions

  • Added Referee break interactions during Finish the Fight
  • Added Gokhan Saki signature combinations
  • Added Max Holloway signature switch stance combination
  • Added Anderson Silva signature taunts
  • Added a new backwards moving slip animation
  • Added ability to queue takedowns and clinch attempts after strikes
  • Added ability to quick transition to takedown attempts after ducking and striking
  • Added stamina penalty to health events

Gökhan Saki Combination List

Like every fighter, Gökhan has a unique set of combinations that can be performed. Use the legend below to try and string together his moves:

1 – Jab

2 – Straight

3 – Lead hook

3b – Lead body hook

4 – Back hook

5 – Lead uppercut

6 – Back uppercut

7 – Lead overhand

8 – Back overhand

Combination list:

  • 1-2-5-4-3
  • 1-2-3-3b-Back Leg Kick
  • 1-2-3b-5-4-back leg kick
  • 2-3-5-5
  • 2-5-4-3
  • 2-5-2-3-3b
  • 2-3b-3-4-3
  • 2b-3-3b-Back Ducking Roundhose
  • 3-3b-Back Ducking Roundhouse
  • 3-5-5-8
  • 3-3b-5-8-3
  • 3-3b-4-3-4
  • 3-4-3b-4-3
  • 3-4-3-4-3
  • 5-5-8
  • 8-7

Gameplay Tuning

  • Tuned block to come up quicker when switching between High and Low block
  • Tuned stopping power rules for Jabs and Straights against forward moving opponents
  • Tuned health event frequencies and thresholds
  • Tuned grapple ratings impact on transition speeds
  • Tuned contact frames logic for slipping strikes
  • Tuned stamina on missed and blocked slip strikes
  • Removed double Uppercut combination coming out of a slip
  • Tuned block breakdown
  • Tuned referee standup/break timer on the ground and in the clinch
  • Reduced range on Iminari Roll
  • Tuned Submission Gates
  • Tuned damage logic on combination exchanges
  • Tuned counter damage bonus per weightclass
  • Reduced number of strikes before Referee steps in during Finish the Fight
  • Force denial to sprawl on takedown attempts from the clinch
  • Allow health regen to a limit determined by chin damage during health events
  • Slow down movement speed while holding block and moving forward when a straight punch is thrown at your block
  • Add slip vulnerability to slip strikes
  • Add momentum advantage off sub crucifix transition cancel
  • Turn off grapple advantage when holding block in single collar
  • Add counter damage bonus to back lunge evasion
  • Add a small amount of side head vulnerability to forward moving strikes
  • Tune takedown speed and ranges

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