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EA Sports UFC 3 Patch 1.05 Available Now, Includes New Fighters and Many Changes - Patch Notes Here

EA Sports UFC 3

EA Sports UFC 3 Patch 1.05 Available Now, Includes New Fighters and Many Changes - Patch Notes Here

EA Sports UFC 3 game update 1.05 is available now for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The update includes 3 new fighters: Mike Perry, Josh Emmett, and Paulo Costa. It also includes many changes for gameplay, including countering off head movement, slipping the jab, height dependent ducking, how range affects back swaying, balancing “sway n’ pray”, and much more.

Check out some of the patch notes below and read the full details (including GIFS) on EA Sports UFC 3 patch 1.05, at the official website.

  • Added the ability to partially block the counter strike after a catch kick. An unblocked strike will deal the same damage as before, a blocked strike will reduce the damage by 50%.
  • Add seven new AI fighter customizations and applied existing customizations to numerous templated fighters.
  • Reduced the frequency of sweeps on the ground by the AI for standup-oriented fighters.
  • New feature! Added a new, faster retreating evasive movement option performed by holding R1+R2 and moving away from your opponent.
  • Made it so block breaks down faster when you are moving forward.
  • Allow the AI to perform the correct evasion at the wrong time, better mimicing how users play.
  • Greatly increase grapple-oriented AIs tendency to takedown after catch-kicks
  • Remove the ability for boxing-oriented AIs to throw as many kicks while at range.
  • Make long term leg damage have a significant and permanent impact on grapple advantage.
  • Reduce tendency for AI to spam takedowns from certain clinch positions.
  • Add AI tuning tendency for using strikes vs denials to stop grappling transitions.
  • Give priority to undeniable get ups and breaks when first entering into a dominant grappling position.
  • Improve AIs cage awareness.
  • Made it so when you intercept a back lunge with a straight strike, the back lunge doesn’t get interrupted and continues its backwards momentum, making it easier to create space.
  • Greatly improve AIs logic for defending takedowns in the clinch/standup.
  • Revamped how combinations interact with head movement. Slipping a jab will no longer slow down combinations coming off the jab, and the follow up strike off the jab will track the fighter unless they slip again to avoid that second strike.
  • Improved head movement responsiveness and effectiveness, particularly around chained head movement, to make double slipping more effective. This will be one of the counters to the 1-2 which has obviously seen a major buff.
  • Added special tuning for chain submissions to make them more survivable.
  • Increase grapple-oriented AIs tendency to takedown after successful defense.
  • Fix various holes in AI logic causing AI to idle unintentionally.
  • Added the ability to block while you return your head to the center line after a successful slip.
  • Added the ability to side step the oblique kick with the regular lunge.
  • Made the effectiveness of ducking a strike highly dependant on the height of the fighters involved. If a hook lands before you get low enough, the duck will continue, but if a straight punch lands before you get low enough, it will interrupt the duck.
  • Split AI strike targeting tendencies for kicks vs punches.
  • Re-tune AI submission competency on attack and defense on all difficulties.
  • Made back sways better at evading hooks and uppercuts.
  • Added a new set of sway animations to support the new concept of minor vs major sways. To perform a minor sway, lightly flick the right stick. A harder press for the major sways.
  • Minor sways are harder to pull off but expose you to less vulnerability, cost less stamina and give you faster counter strikes. Major sways are easier to pull off but cost more stamina, expose you to more vulnerability and have slower counter strikes.
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