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EA Sports UFC 3 and UFC 4 Knockouts - Ugly Edition

ufc 4 and 3 ugly knockouts

EA Sports UFC 4

EA Sports UFC 3 and UFC 4 Knockouts - Ugly Edition

Brian has still been playing a lot of EA Sports UFC 4, and he’s also been cleaning out his video vault, which includes old UFC 3 footage. So he wanted to post this UFC 4 knockouts video with some of the last vestiges of his UFC 3 unused footage mixed in as well.

There is some real goofy stuff in here and some real brutal stuff as well. If you appreciate this sort of video, by all means feel free to like and subscribe to the OS YouTube channel. Thanks for all the support y’all.


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  1. kos are absolute trash in this game they look so fake and robotic if it wasn't for that and lack of tkos and ref interaction I would have bought this game but I'm holding out and hopefully something can be changed. It sucks because playing at my friends I do have fun with certain parts of the gameplay and then a knockout happens and it brings me right back to exactly why I don't wanna play this.
    KOs feel good until you watch the replay, always awkward as hell falls

    Or Until you try and G&P afterwards and u realise they got downgraded from EA UFC 3 to 4, where they take away the control from you. Something they had achieved(although slow responsiveness and ridiculous looking) back in EA UFC 2, especially more impressive considering they were based on random/physics KOs.
    Now with the semi-canned KO animations with EA UFC 3 & 4, instead of at least giving us full control like Undisputed 3 had achieved 1 generation ago, they somehow got even more downgraded.

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