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EA Sports PGA Tour: The Three Best Holes at Oak Hill Country Club

ea sports pga tour oak hill


EA Sports PGA Tour: The Three Best Holes at Oak Hill Country Club

EA Sports PGA Tour features all four major championships including the PGA Championship. The host course for 2023 is Oak Hill, one of the most legendary courses in the United States. Built in 1901, this course located near Rochester, NY has now hosted three US Opens and four PGA Championships. It has seen some legendary moments like Shaun Micheel’s near hole out, which helped him capture his first and only major and PGA Tour victory.

This track makes its way into an EA Sports PGA Tour game for the first time since Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14. With it being a very private course, playing the game gives golf fans a great way to experience this terrific design, especially with the impressive graphics the game offers. There are a nice blend of holes on the course, each with great bunker placement and good greens.

Most holes also have you hitting over a small creek in the fairway, a seemingly signature trait at Oak Hill. Adding these strips of water adds to the element of challenge to the course while also making the design even more pleasing to the eye than it already is. Overall, Oak Hill is a beautiful golf course and features several amazing holes but which three are the best?

The 3 Best Holes At Oak Hill Country Club

ea sports pga tour oak hill

Hole 6

The sixth at Oak Hill is quite an adventure. You aim for half of a dogleg right fairway while trying to avoid the bunkers on the right. From there, you’ll have to hit your ball over the stream of water that is constant around most of the course on to the green. You’ll just need to watch out for a sneaky, lonely bunker that sits comfortably on the right side of the green while the stream flows on the left side of it.

This is a spectacular hole that really helps set the tone for what Oak Hill is going to bring. It’s a par-4 too so birdie isn’t going to be as easy to get as you think. Your tee shot should be fine but it’s critical to make sure that the second shot is on point. With sand on the right and water on the left, it’s a golfer’s nightmare. Luckily, the green is a big enough target to make you feel more confident about the second shot. All in all, one of the best holes on the course.

Hole 13

The par-5 13th hole at Oak Hill is considered the signature hole on the course and for good reason. This beauty features the return of our friend: the stream of water that you can carry off the tee if you so wish. If your golfer’s power rating is solid enough in EA Sports PGA Tour then you shouldn’t have any trouble. If not, you’ll have to tee off with a lighter club and knock it into the first portion of the fairway.

If you carried the water, then there’s a great chance you’ll reach the green in two. Pull out that wood or long iron and swing away. Just watch out for the two bunkers sitting in front of the green, lined up as if they’re security guards. Reach the green, make your putt, and get on out of there. Another terrific hole that’s worthy of its signature status.

Hole 18

Finishing holes on some of the world’s best courses always seem to be outstanding. The designers know that they want to finish off with a bang and it’s no different with the great Donald Ross’ Oak Hill. This wonderful finisher is a dogleg right par-4 featuring three lined-up bunkers on the right and four bunkers by the green.

Interestingly, Ross decided to make three of the bunkers by the green line up very similarly to the ones in the fairway. And then you have the lonely one on the left just reminding the other three that it’s there for them if needed. Overall, a great way to finish up your round at historic Oak Hill Country Club in EA Sports PGA Tour.

Honorable: Hole 14

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this fun hole. It’s the only driveable par-4 on the course, measuring at 320 yards. In the real world, it would be tough but in EA Sports PGA Tour it’s more than possible. In fact, I even overdrew the green one time. The tee shot goes slightly uphill while you try to avoid some bunkers around the green.

It can be a tricky hole but it’s a rewarding one if you manage to reach the green with your tee shot. If you are a power player in the game, then definitely make sure to judge your power off the tee. Of course, if you don’t want to overshoot the green, club down off the tee and aim for the fairway. Or, you can hit it past the green and take your chances with a pitch from the rough. So you do have some options here on this interestingly designed hole.

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