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EA Sports PGA Tour: 10 Fun Holes You Should Try

ea sports pga tour


EA Sports PGA Tour: 10 Fun Holes You Should Try

One of the greatest things about the sport of golf are the courses. They play as critical of a role in its sport as any venue in any other sport, and it’s no different in EA Sports PGA Tour. Golf is the one sport where you truly have to take the venue head-on in a duel. Many of these courses are iconic and full of history and the designers get plenty of shine like Alister MacKenzie, designer of Augusta National, or Pete Dye who, along with his wife Alice, designed TPC Sawgrass.

I read somewhere that when you’re playing a course, it’s like battling the artist, especially because many designers have their own signature traits. These “boss fights” with the designers mean you’ll be teeing it up on some of the best holes in golf. Most tracks have signature holes like the 17th at St. Andrews, the 12th at Augusta, or the 7th at Pebble Beach.

Individual holes will be the main focus for this article. A great course can’t be complete without spectacular holes, after all. We’ll list some of the most fun ones in EA Sports PGA Tour. And remember, we’re basing these off of how fun they are from a design standpoint, not necessarily how famous they are — although many of these are quite famous including the first entry on our list (driveable par-4s, elevated tee shots, island greens, quirky designs, etc. are all examples of fun holes).

EA Sports PGA Tour: 10 Fun Holes You Should Try

EA Sports PGA Tour

Augusta National: 13th Hole

We’re kicking things off at undoubtedly the most popular course in EA Sports PGA Tour, Augusta National. Augusta is one of those places that doesn’t have any weak holes. However, the famous stretch is Amen Corner, which consists of holes 11, 12, and 13. All of these are amazing across the board, but on a pure fun scale, 13th, known as Azalea, takes the cake.

There have many excellent shots hit on this par 5 over the years, including Phil Mickelson’s famous shot from the pine straw that helped lead him to one of his three Masters wins. What makes this hole so great is that it gives you options. You can decide to go with a wood off the tee and hit it straight, or you can take a gamble and go driver off the tee and draw it a bit to the left (it’s fun doing it that way honestly, like going for it on 4th down in Madden).

Then, you’ll have a good shot to reach the green in two, setting you up for an eagle putt. And playing Augusta on Tournament settings will make the greens lightning fast so even if you do decide to go for it in two, you have to be smart about your power or else that ball will go rolling all the way to one of those iconic bunkers that are nestled nicely against the towering trees. The immense variety and drama of the beautiful hole is what makes it so much fun to play in the game, both back in the old Tiger Woods games and now with EA Sports PGA Tour.

Wolf Creek: 7th Hole

A course that’s been in the EA golf games for a very long time, Wolf Creek is a roller coaster ride of a golf course. This public track in the Nevada desert features several elevated tee locations overlooking the vast amount of canyons in the surrounding areas. Heck, in a few cases, you’re hitting your shots over some canyons.

There are numerous holes at Wolf Creek that can be labeled as “fun” in EA Sports PGA Tour but none quite like the par-4 seventh, which has you hitting over a body of water onto a narrow green. In the real world, it’s probably safest to just aim for the fairway and then hit a wedge shot into the green. But in EA Sports PGA Tour, you can easily reach this green in one, which is part of what makes it so much fun to play.

Another aspect is that it’s challenging as well. You may have the strength to reach the green, yes, but you need to be careful about your power as well due to the green being as narrow as it is. You can easily overshoot the green if you aren’t careful. And if you undershoot it then, well, your golf ball is going for a refreshing swim. It’s a Dream and a Nightmare (shout out to Meek Mill). It’s the temptation to drive the green mixed with a bit of fear that makes the seventh hole at Wolf Creek one of the more exciting holes in EA Sports PGA Tour.

ea sports pga tour

Pebble Beach: 8th Hole

Pebble is one of the most famous courses in the world and features two of the most photographed holes in par-3 seventh and par-4 18th, which has seen many golfers lift US Open trophies. But the course also features one of the most underrated yet familiar holes in the entire sport, the par-4 eighth hole.

This amazing hole is so great that Jack Nicklaus once said that the approach shot is the most magnificent in golf, and the 18-time major champion has a point. The fairway is split into two with the ocean in between. After your tee shot, you’ll find yourself slightly elevated above the green, giving you a beautiful view but also a challenging second shot, which is what Jack was referring to.

On a dramatic scale, number eight at Pebble might be the most dramatic of them all, even over holes like six, seven, 17, or 18. It’s this level of epic drama, especially on the incredible second shot, that makes this underrated hole so special and so much fun to play in EA Sports PGA Tour, going all the way back to the early days of the series. Plus, it’s a par-4 so your adrenaline really kicks in on the approach as there isn’t much room for error.

Southern Hills: 18th Hole

This legendary course in Tulsa, OK has hosted an impressive three US Opens and five PGA Championships including in 2022 when Justin Thomas took home the Wanamaker Trophy for his second PGA Championship victory. Southern Hills also features an outstanding finishing hole and it definitely pops out in EA Sports PGA Tour.

Southern’s 18th is quite a trip, which is a huge reason why it’s so fun to play in the game. After you hit your tee shot down the fairway, your second shot will be an adventure as it’s directly to the right. You’re aiming uphill and over some water. It’s a beautiful view, but definitely a bit intimidating and even a bit awkward.

There’s an army of bunkers up ahead too that will be more than happy to snatch up that shiny Titleist Pro V1 golf ball of yours. Some of these are pretty easy to avoid thankfully but some can definitely sneak up on you, especially since this second shot is partially blind. All in all, 18 at Southern Hills is one of the most unique holes in EA Sports PGA Tour, and once you first play it you certainly don’t forget it.

ea sports pga tour

Bay Hill: 6th Hole

Bay Hill is one of the most recognizable courses in golf thanks to it being the longtime host of the Arnold Palmer Invitational, one of the best tourneys on the PGA Tour. It’s also been dubbed “The House That Arnie Built” and Arnold Palmer’s presence is felt all over the course with his iconic umbrella logo being everywhere. This Florida course has plenty of terrific holes, but one that is undoubtedly fun and perfect for a video game is the par-5 sixth hole.

In the real world, there is zero chance any of us can drive the green in one (unless you’re a World Long Drive pro) but in EA Sports PGA Tour, believe it or not, it is possible. Yes, that’s right, you can drive a par-5 in one. It’s kind of challenging to do of course but man is it satisfying once you start doing it. You need to make sure your created golfer’s power is maxed out or at least one slot away from being maxed. Or, you can choose golfers like Cameron Champ or Bryson DeChambeau who both have the highest power ratings in the game.

Once that’s done, you should have the “Power Drive” trait unlocked. Switch to it and then on your backswing quickly tap the X button (if on PlayStation) to charge your Big Hit Moment. Once you achieve the big hit, you’ll have a solid shot to make the green as long as you’re accurate enough, of course. Also, if you’re playing on Tour difficulty, then you probably won’t be able to pull this off so keep that in mind. And even if you don’t reach the green in one, six at Bay Hill is still a hole that can provide great eagle opportunities. Albatross putts? Eagles? Potential disaster to hit your shot into the water? If that doesn’t scream fun, then I don’t know what does. This is one of the best holes in the entire game.

Chambers Bay: 9th Hole

Sometimes it’s hard to believe a former US Open course as pretty as Chambers Bay is open to the public, but it is and it’s awesome. I feel the same way about Erin Hills as well. But, another roller coaster ride of a design, Chambers features plenty of elevation changes and different slopes on the greens while providing great views of Puget Sound throughout.

But one of the absolute best holes on the course is the par-3 ninth. This thing will make your jaw drop. From a highly elevated tee, you need to aim for a green that’s a good 100 feet below the tee box. This requires smart club selection where you need to club down and let the hang time do its thing. Just make sure to watch out for a huge amount of sand on the right.

A drop as huge as this would make you think the ninth at Chambers is a fantasy hole but it’s as real as it gets and that’s what makes it such a blast to play. Shout out to the 15th hole as well, another great par 3 featuring the famed Lone Fir tree that stands behind the green and overlooks the train tracks and Puget Sound. I was deciding between 9 and 15 for this list so that’s why I wanted to shout out the great 15th.

ea sports pga tour

St. Andrews: 18th Hole

One of the most photographed and magical holes in golf is the 18th at the Old Course at St. Andrews. This hole seems pretty plain with no bunkers and a very wide fairway. However, there’s more than meets the eye. This ancient hole features one of the rare natural hazards in golf and that would be the Valley of Sin, the big slopes you see near the green.

What makes this hole so much fun is that it’s relatively easy to play while also still providing its fair share of challenge thanks to a hazard like the Valley of Sin and the green that will spit your ball back down the slope if your ball lands on the front side of it. And with enough power, you can reach the green from the tee, and it’s so satisfying seeing your ball just roll up to the green when you do hit purely off the tee. As with the sixth at Bay Hill, it can be kinda tricky but with enough pop and speed of the surface at St. Andrews, you have a great chance.

It’s a beautiful finisher that will have all power hitters licking their chops, especially with so much room to work with. Sometimes less is more as they say and 18 at the Old Course is a prime example of that. Not to mention, the flyover in EA Sports PGA Tour gives you one of the best photo ops in the game with those amazing graphics. Quick nod here goes to the par-4 12th, which is another fantastic hole that’s also driveable.

ea sports pga tour

TPC Sawgrass: 17th Hole

Well, well, well, look what we have here. It was only a matter of time before arguably the most recognizable hole in all of golf would make this list. The island green par-3 17th is a staple in the pro sport. Pete and Alice Dye designed Sawgrass, but it was Alice’s idea to create the island green that we see every year at the Players Championship.

What can you say? This one-shotter offers some of the best drama in tournament golf, for better or for worse. Whether it’s players smacking their balls into the water or recording an ace, this hole has seen everything. The hole has also been prominently featured in the EA Sports golf games for a very long time now. If you saw any promotional posters or trailers for the Tiger Woods games, then the Island Green was always featured heavily.

And with it being in the game for so many years, it’s never not exciting when you wrap up the 16th hole (another incredibly fun hole) and make your way to 17. Although in the game it’s not a super difficult hole, just the sheer thought of knowing that there’s no other grass to save you from the water if you miss the green (except for tiny strips of rough and one recognizable bunker that’s positioned almost like a baseball glove, waiting to catch your ball) adds to the fun from a challenge and dramatic standpoint. Overall, 17 at Sawgrass is truly one of the perfect holes in golf and there’s good reason why it’s one of the most photographed ones of all time.

The Country Club: 5th Hole

Simply put, I love this hole at the uber-historic Country Club. It’s a par 4 that plays essentially like a par 3 in EA Sports PGA Tour. You start on a slightly elevated tee box while the fairway climbs up to the green. However, this fairway will not come into play here as a good strike with a wood or driver should get you on the green, or at least around it even if it’s in danger.

Heck, at 310 yards, you don’t even have to have a super high power rating to reach this green, with or without the power boost. Even if your power rating is at zero, you still have a chance to reach the green if you use the power boost but you got to put a little extra into it. One of the great things about this hole is that, yes, you can drive the green but sometimes a little too much power can hurt you, as bunkers await you on the sides of the green.

Not to mention, if you leave it short of the green, you may see your ball roll down the slope a little. So the 5th over in old Brookline offers many great elements. It’s just a fun, classic hole at one of the United State’s oldest tracks.

Top Of The Rock: 4th Hole

The spectacular Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri is home to a famous and pristine par-3 course called Top of the Rock, and it’s in EA Sports PGA Tour. This entire nine-hole course is fun if we’re being honest, but one hole that stands out, in particular, is the fourth hole that checks so many boxes. Elevated tee box, water, well-placed bunkers, and a beautiful view of the wilderness that you can see on most holes around this short golf wonder.

You need to hit your tee shot over the water and onto a decent-sized green while also making sure you carry the bunker. The church that’s seen all around the course is right behind, waiting patiently for your shot (well, not really). You may have to club down a bit with the slightly elevated tee. The challenge of carrying both the water and the front bunker while trying to avoid the back bunkers is good fun. And seeing the flowers by the green may remind you a little bit of Augusta.

Speaking of which, I also wanted to give a mini shout out to the seventh hole at TotR which bears a resemblance to the sixth hole of Augusta’s iconic par-3 course, which was in the Tiger games from 2012-14. These types of courses are awesome so it’s great that games like EA Sports PGA and PGA Tour 2K brought in the masterpiece that is Top of the Rock.

Bonus: 13th Hole At Lighthouse Pointe

I felt it was only right to show love to one of the fantasy courses in EA Sports PGA Tour, and Lighthouse Pointe is one my favorite fantasy tracks in the entire series. It’s fun, breathtaking, and frankly, it could almost be a real golf course (any designer want to step up to the tee?). I also always joked and called it “Life is Strange Golf Club” due to the surrounding hills, ocean views, and lighthouse that remind me of the great narrative-driven game (Chloe Price would no doubt make sounds during your backswing).

But this massive design features many terrific holes but probably the most exciting is the 13th hole, a par 5. This is also the longest hole on the course measuring at a ridiculous 702 yards. It’s a hole that is a power hitter’s dream as you tee it up from a highly elevated tee box, giving you the delicious opportunity to hit your drive over 400 yards down a big fairway.

Then, you set your eyes on a double green with a huge bunker in the middle of it. You’ll definitely need to go with a 3-wood here and may even have to put a little boost on your shot as well if you want to reach this green in two. Once you’re on, your putt will more than likely be as straight as a line so you shouldn’t have issues here. But 13 is a hole that is simply a big stick party and it’s a huge reason why it’s so much fun.

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