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EA Sends Out Another Update on FIFA 20 Online Connectivity and Responsiveness Issues


EA Sends Out Another Update on FIFA 20 Online Connectivity and Responsiveness Issues

The FIFA 20 servers have been fairly inconsistent since launch and EA has posted another Pitch Notes article, to update the community on their ongoing efforts to stabilize the FIFA online experience.

This new update, from the FIFA team, concerns online connectivity and responsiveness efforts, with more insight into their Live Study Methodology.

When we make any online change or update, it affects millions of people, each with unique playing conditions. This is why we’ve started implementing live studies alongside our existing internal testing, whenever we investigate a potential change related to connectivity.

Once we identify a potential change and have tested it internally, we determine a group of volunteer players who can give us actionable feedback. These players play the game with the potential change in effect for a period of time, they let us know everything about their experience, and their matches give us valuable real-world data to analyze. Although our internal investigations are able to simulate countless networking scenarios, it’s always helpful to look at real-world data as well.

These Live Studies assist the FIFA team to make informed decisions regarding future connectivity and responsiveness changes.

In the coming weeks, a select number of FIFA 20 players will receive an in-game button overlay, relating to button responsiveness.


With this button overlay, we want to let players see their inputs in real-time but also the impact the connection with the data center has on those inputs. This also helps us analyze matches more efficiently since we can get clips of players sharing their experience and raw input. We’ll have more to share about the results of the button overlay live study in the future.

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