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EA Play Live Returns on July 22 - What Are You Hoping to See?

ea play live

EA Play Live

EA Play Live Returns on July 22 - What Are You Hoping to See?

EA has announced their summer showcase EA Play Live will make its return on July 22, a month after E3 2021, which runs from June 12-15.

We anticipate a digital only event similar to last year, showing off some of the upcoming games.

You can bet we see something for Madden NFL 22 and FIFA 22, but maybe they surprise us with a little glimpse of EA Sports College Football, NHL 22PGA TOUR, Skate 4, the next NBA Live or something else?!?!

A man can dream right? What are you hoping to see?


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  1. What improvements have been made to Madden franchise mode(staff signing and firing better be like NHL series)  and what the NHL team have been working as this will be the first game on next gen
    If it’s time for NBA Live to make a legit comeback.
    That time is now.......

    This would be the time. I just don't see it though. It showed an upcoming list of games and Live wasn't on that list. If it doesn't release this year, it'll be 3 years since last release and 2 years since we heard about Live 20 being canceled. Still don't have about the NBA License since 2k renewed their's in Jan 2019.
    At the very least we should hear what the status of the series is.

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