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EA Backtracking on NFTs



EA Backtracking on NFTs

It was just three months ago when EA CEO Andrew Wilson mentioned NFTs were the future of our industry. However, he said at the time he wasn’t sure how that was going to work. He backtracked a bit on that today during EA’s Q3 earnings call, stating NFTs were not something EA is currently “driving on,” according to Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier.

Whenever NFTs and gaming are mentioned together, it’s always welcomed with community backlash. Due to this backlash, more and more game companies are taking a second look at their NFT stance or removing it altogether. Maybe things change down the road, but it seems like beyond Ubisoft and Square Enix, a lot of the major publishers have put the brakes on NFTs for now (which we think is good).

Either way, we’ll keep an eye on things in this space as GOALS now seems to be the biggest sports game still going down the NFT rabbit hole for now.

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