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EA Addresses Questions Regarding FIFA 20 Game Data Centers



EA Addresses Questions Regarding FIFA 20 Game Data Centers

EA has provided answers to some of the more common and technical questions the team receives, concerning the FIFA 20 game data centers and the matchmaking process for the various modes.

These game data centers, or as most refer to as servers, house the services that allow online gameplay for the following modes in FIFA 20:

  • FUT Division Rivals
  • FUT Champions Weekend League
  • FUT Draft
  • FUT Friendlies (when not selecting the Play With Friend option)
  • VOLTA League
  • Co-Op Seasons
  • Pro Clubs

The team goes into how they work with industry leading enterprise technology partners, to decide where to place the game data centers, as they can provide the technology to process data from tens of millions of players.

It’s not as simple as adding more servers to a region either, as research has shown that it doesn’t improve the online gameplay experience.

They go deeper into it, but in the end, most fans aren’t patient enough to worry about these kinds of details. They simply want to start an online match, have a decent connection that won’t lag, disconnect or error out, and get a final result. Until that happens, players will continue to complain, no matter how many times EA explains the backend matchmaking process.

With that said, for those of you looking to understand the process a bit better, read the latest Pitch Notes to get more information.

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