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Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020 Working with Unity Professional Services to Improve Overall Game Foundation


Doug Flutie's Maximum Football 2020

Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020 Working with Unity Professional Services to Improve Overall Game Foundation

Canuck Play is working with Unity Professional Services to improve the overall game foundation of Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020, which has been developed on Unity’s real-time 3D development platform since 2015. Through this service, Canuck Play can fully leverage proven best practices from start to finish, and receive tailored solutions that help reduce risk and accelerate development.

Canuck Play heard the community’s desire to improve on-field game performance and took it to heart. However, with the current modest development team, timelines would not allow for exponential upgrades, leading to the decision to utilize Unity Professional Services. Through Unity Professional Services, Canuck Play gained access to research and development experts to receive customized, end-to-end engineering solutions during any stage of game production.

The Unity Professional Services team was on-site in February, at the Canuck Play game studio in Peterborough, Ontario to assist in the development of the 2020 version of the game. The combined development effort between the Unity and Canuck Play teams are expected to drastically improve the core game foundation of Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football.

Ultimately, by working with Unity Professional Services,  Canuck Play is able to accommodate the next generation of consoles, while improving the existing game performance (e.g. framerate), lighting, obstacle/player avoidance, game physics, as well as the replay system. In addition, the Unity Professional Service team is creating a custom animation system, dedicated to Maximum Football.

“We continue to listen and cater to our audience,” said David Winter, President/Founder and Lead Developer at Canuck Play. “By focusing on what is important to football and gaming fans, we are able to continue to improve, grow, and deliver.”

Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020 is scheduled to release in September, digitally for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game will have a number of improvements to the core game, including gameplay, AI, physics, animation, overall performance, Dynasty Mode and more. Prior to release, the team will go in-depth on areas of improvement and possibly reveal a new feature.

For more information on Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020, visit the official website.


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  1. A few additional notes from today's announcement that Dave posted on our Discord:
    - We are not changing game engines. I've been using Unity since 2015 and it's the best tool for this job. Besides that, it would take about 4 years to refactor the game to a different engine, and we'd just end up with a different set of issues to sort out.
    - Unity Development Services are staffed by the people that actually develop the Unity game engine. This is akin to having your car serviced by the engineers that actually designed it, and the factory workers that actually built it. It is not possible to have hired a more experienced outsourcing service.
    - Unity Development Services are extremely particular about who they partner with. There are literally thousands of studios in the world using Unity, some are AAA studios, and Unity only picks 4 or 5 studios are year to work with. When their staff heard about what Canuck had been able to accomplish, with such a tiny, tiny team - getting arguably the most complicated type of game you can make and publish it on two console platforms, consistently and on time - they jumped at the chance to help out.
    - What they have worked on has already improved frame rates on the lowest end XBox consoles.
    - They have built a custom animation system for receivers so that catches are more natural looking.
    - They have built a new loading system to improve load times from screen to screen. We have also improved the simulation of games.
    - They have made use of Unity's new internal systems to improve on-field game play performance by moving some routines to run on other CPU's (not something that was possible before)
    - They've migrated the source code to the latest version of Unity (2019) available for console development which will allow for easier development for next gen consoles.
    This really cool and I’m happy for the team.
    What I’m interested in, moving into next gen, is player collision/interactions and physics. Im hoping we see a big improvement in this area in particular.
    Looking forward to next years game!
    I will say I purchased last year's game, and will likely purchase this year to try to support you guys.
    That said, I'm glad to hear about the development. I agree with the previous poster however, some kind of basic commentary would add so much to the game as far as just getting people immersed in the game. For me personally, I don't care if you had a guy named John Doe just recapping plays ever so often. Also, if the crowd could be a little more rambunctious say for example when it's a critical situation etc.
    But you guys seem to be on the right track. Keep up the good work
    Will the player models be updated at all, or we still gonna have pancake butts?

    I think I heard David say he wanted to get another couple years out of these models.

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