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Disc Jam to Feature Cross-Play Between PC and PlayStation 4 Soon

Disc Jam

Disc Jam to Feature Cross-Play Between PC and PlayStation 4 Soon

High Horse Entertainment is rolling out dedicated servers for Disc Jam, with plans to feature cross-play for PC and PlayStation 4 fans very soon, depending upon passing Quality Assurance testing. Below are some of the immediate benefits users will see in-game.

  • Drastically improved matchmaking
    • This is especially true for Doubles where connection difficulties are compounded by each joining player (and the inevitable router/NAT/firewall troubles that come with them)
  • More reliable connections across the board
    • No more bad hosts piggybacking on their neighborhood McDonald’s WiFi!
    • Someone’s bad Internet is their own problem and will not affect your inputs to the game host
  • Less volatility in latency (lower average ping)
  • Better handling of opponent disconnects
    • Quitters are guaranteed the loss.
  • You can now simultaneously queue for singles and doubles, and in multiple regions.
  • Skill-based matchmaking will now relax over time, eventually considering players of all skill levels to ensure you get into a match.
    • This should result in lower average queue times for everyone!

For a list of items planned in future updates, check the official post.

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