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Dirt Rally PS VR DLC Available Today, Optimized For PS4 Pro ($12.99)

DiRT Rally

Dirt Rally PS VR DLC Available Today, Optimized For PS4 Pro ($12.99)

Previously revealed last month, PlayStation VR support for DiRT Rally is scheduled to arrive today, featuring an innovative new co-driver mode. The PS VR update comes PS4 Pro optimized, with many graphical improvements.

An introductory offer for the DLC runs through February 28, where you can pick up the entire PlayStation VR bundle (2D game, PS VR upgrade, Fully Loaded DLC Add-on packs) for $43.39. If you already own the game, it costs $12.99 for the DLC upgrade.

Whether it be racing through the forests of Finland, climbing the iconic Pikes Peak International Hill Climb course, or going bumper-to-bumper with other supercars in the FIA World Rallycross Championship, you can do it all with your PlayStation VR headset on. Every track, stage, car, and discipline is available for PS VR users — there’s nothing off-limits when it comes to immersing yourself in Dirt’s off-road racing world.

The co-driver is one of the most crucial elements of rally. Imagine: you’re racing on a cliff-side and about to throw your car around a blind corner, with only your co-driver’s pacenotes providing you an idea of what lies around the next bend. You need those calls to be well-timed, clear, and reliable. Well, we’re literally putting those calls in your hands. Or, rather, the hands of Player Two.

That’s right — featuring a new co-driver mode, a second player can be entrusted with the important responsibility of sending the right calls at the right time. Press the wrong button at the wrong time, and your rally pilot won’t have a clue about what to expect from the next few turns. However, get the timings right from the social screen, and the calls will be delivered crisply and cleanly to the person in the driver’s seat.

After the end of each stage, an accuracy rating will be given too — so there’s nowhere to hide if your coordination is off or your reactions aren’t quite quick enough!

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