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DIRT 5 Patch Available For Amplified Edition - Patch Notes, Launch Trailer & New PlayStation 5 Video Included



DIRT 5 Patch Available For Amplified Edition - Patch Notes, Launch Trailer & New PlayStation 5 Video Included

For those of you that purchased the DIRT 5 Amplified Edition to play the game a few days earlier, a new patch is available for Xbox One and PC. The standard edition of DIRT 5 releases tomorrow, these updates will be included during the install. Check out the launch trailer and patch notes below.

Patch 1.04 – PC 

  • Multiple general performance improvements across the board, reducing instances of crashes, gameplay stuttering and FPS drops, further optimising general gameplay
  • Fix for crash caused by signing out during a Gymkhana event
  • Visual improvements to rain effects on windshield when using interior camera views
  • Display fix for rewards screen in post-race menu
  • Photo mode: minor fixes and optimisations
  • Multiplayer: improvements in kicking players in lobby who do not ready up for an event
  • V-Sync added
  • Added option to disable dynamic resolution

Patch 1.03 – Xbox One

  • Further improvements to online matchmaking and connectivity
  • Further performance improvements to splitscreen functionality
  • Fixed an issue with Gymkhana events not launching after tutorial
  • Fixed an issue causing crashes when switching between video quality settings
  • Fix for screen tear instances
  • Resolved issue causing a loss of audio when using some audio outputs
  • General minor graphical, gameplay and quality of life improvements across the board, including GPU and CPU performance improvements

DIRT 5 releases on November 10 for the Xbox Series S/X and on November 12 for PlayStation 5. Players on the current-gen version will get a free upgrade when switching over to the next-gen console.

Codemasters also released details on the development process and the core features of DIRT 5 for PlayStation 5. The new video interview with the Technical Director on DIRT 5, David Springate, also features the first look at PlayStation 5 gameplay.

The video focuses on how the Codemasters’ Cheshire studio prepared for their first title on the next-generation hardware, while offering a look at exclusive PS5 features. including what players can expect from the DualSense Wireless Controller.

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