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Diamond Dynasty Update: New Event and Cards Released

MLB The Show 17

Diamond Dynasty Update: New Event and Cards Released

The Time Warp Event has gone live as of 3 p.m. EST and will be open for one week. The Event is built around all throwback players, with the caveat being your team must be an 80 overall or below. The games will be played on All-Star difficulty, and the games are 6-innings long. The top rewards are as follows:

Win Streak Rewards:

  • 12 wins in a row: All-Star Flashback Russell Martin (94 overall)
  • 10 wins in a row: Impact Veteran George Brett (88)

Cumulative Wins Rewards:

  • 40 total wins: All-Star Flashback Robinson Cano (96)
  • 25 total wins: Impact Veteran Luke Gregerson (85)

In addition, some new players have been released, but no new pack has come out. These nine players are all relievers, and can potentially be found in all packs currently available. These players are All-Star Pat Neshek (89), Hardware Andrew Bailey (88), Impact Veteran Huston Street (88), All-Star Jim Johnson (85), Breakout Adam Warren (84), Postseason David Price (84), Rookie Fergie Jenkins (83), Impact Veteran Bruce Sutter (81), and Impact Veteran Peter Moylan (80).

All of these players are going for very high prices right now, and so are any older throwback/flashback relievers because there is a clear shortage of them to use in this Time Warp Event. So I would recommend if you have any throwback relievers to spare, or simply don’t care about playing in the event, then sell these cards on the Marketplace for much more than their actual worth while you can.

You can get a look at every new card released today in the gallery below:

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