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Diamond Dynasty: Shark Map, New Headliners, and More

Trade Deadline Roster Update

MLB The Show 22

Diamond Dynasty: Shark Map, New Headliners, and More

The MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Shark Map is generally an exciting day for DD fans because it’s usually full of some premium packs. On top of that we get a new Headliners card, a free Topps International Trading Card Day pack, the July Monthly Awards, some new Mini Seasons missions, and a trade deadline roster update.

Shark Map

Diamond Dynasty Shark Map

With the Shark Map, expect some solid hidden rewards, and then at the end of it you will get 2nd Half Heroes Duke Snider. This map does not have an expiration date on it (meaning it’s not tied to the All-Stars Program). I also do not know yet how this Shark Map will compare to prior ones in other Diamond Dynasty versions.

2nd Half Heroes Duke Snider Shark Map

Headliners Set 35 Awards Justin Morneau

Headliners Set 35 Awards Justin Morneau

With Awards Justin Morneau, this doesn’t quite reach the level of needing to use, but it’s good to see Morneau getting a fresh card that should at least be playable for those who have waited for a good version of a “new” legend this year. Some folks did enjoy his early gold, but I have not loved his swing this year. He also has crazy amounts of competition at 1B, so not having a DH in DD does hurt here. Still, this is a nice card to get in a Headliners pack.

The odds on Headliners packs to pull a diamond are 1:10 (as always), albeit that diamond might not be Awards Justin Morneau. In addition, this year you can buy one pack of the Headliners choice pack, which gives you 1:3 odds of pulling a 90+ overall diamond (and of course costs more stubs).

Trade Deadline Roster Update

Trade Deadline Roster Update

All the players were moved to their new teams, but no ratings adjustments or anything happened. In addition, not all the players have pictures in their new uniforms like Josh Hader does above (including Soto not having a picture in a Pads uniform yet).

Topps International Trading Card Day Pack

Topps International Trading Cards Pack

All seven of these cards are free in the pack, and you also can then collect them for some XP in the All-Stars Program. You also get 10 The Show packs in this bundle, so a nice little gift from SDS here (but none of the players are for tough collections).

Mini-Seasons Update

New Mini Seasons August

No new players are here (as usual), but we did get some new mission rewards (but no repeatable mission as lucrative as last time around). That said, there are plenty of repeatable missions here, so while there’s nothing as fast as the 10 runs one, there is a reason (to some extent) to replay a season if you want to grind other stuff along with these missions. The Reds and Cubs players are showcased here because of the upcoming Field of Dreams game.

  • Win The Mini Seasons Championship
    • Takashi Choice Pack (Set 2)
  • Tally 25 strikeouts with All-Star or 2022 All-Star players while playing on All-Star or higher (repeatable)
    • Ballin’ 5-pack bundle
  • Tally 30 home runs with Home Run Derby players (repeatable)
    • 5 The Show packs
  • Tally 35 XBH with Cubs or Reds players (repeatable)
    • Headliners Set 9 choice pack
  • Tally 40 hits with All-Star or 2022 All-Star players (repeatable)
    • 5 The Show packs
  • Record 50 putouts with Cubs or Reds players (repeatable)
    • Headliners Set 14 choice pack
  • Tally 60 total bases with any players
    • Big Dog Set 3 choice pack
  • Mystery Mission (No Mendoza Line)
    • Mystery choice pack
  • Mystery Mission (Free Pass – Free Pack)
    • Mystery choice pack

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