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More Details on the Defensive Skill Stick in NHL 18

NHL 18

More Details on the Defensive Skill Stick in NHL 18

NHL 18 features an all-new defensive skill stick, giving you full control over your stick while skating to target poke checks, keeping your stick extended against an attacker to disrupt a play, and even sweeping your stick back and forth to cover a zone. Check out the latest NHL 18 details on the defensive skill stick.


With the introduction of new Creative Attack Dekes that give you more control offensively, we needed to implement a defensive tool that allows you to counter the control offensive players. The Defensive Skill Stick provides the ability to cut off the opponent’s passing, shooting and skating lanes by pressing and holding the poke check button then using the right stick to control the direction.

By allowing full control over your stick on defense, you can keep your stick extended to angle off an attacker or sweep your stick to cover a zone. Additionally, you can target your poke checks by pressing down on the right stick when you are using the Defensive Skill Stick.

When you are using the Defensive Skill Stick, you cannot hit or pickup the puck. In order to do so, you need to release the poke check button and you will be able to either deliver a body check or pick up a loose puck that you poked away from a defender.


When implementing the Defensive Skill Stick, one of the things we had to consider is where other controls would go. For example, the Puck Chop mechanic used to be performed by combining a poke check with a direction on your right stick. With the Defensive Skill Stick being activated with the press and hold of the poke check button and using the right stick to have control over it, we had to test and come up with a new button combination for the Puck Chop mechanic.

After testing and playing around with control schemes, the Puck Chop mechanic is now accomplished by pressing down on the right stick and then pointing in the direction you want to chop the puck.


The addition of the Defensive Skill Stick also allowed us to improve our one-knee shot blocks. When you are in a one-knee shot block, you can use your right stick to control your stick and body positioning to help block off passing lanes. This is most effective when you are killing a penalty as it allows you to block shots and passes while maintaining your position on the ice.

The Defensive Skill Stick lets your knowledge of the game and positioning shine through on defensive side of the puck, allowing you to shut down your opponents with defensive skill.


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  1. Very intrigued to see how this plays out... It could be a huge boost to defending if the controls are responsive and, maybe most importantly, stick/puck/body collisions are more accurately represented. Really hoping we can better take away shooting/passing lanes without having to compromise gap control on the rush and containment in the zone.
    from the EA Forum:****=33653&ts=1500590639504
    Just posted a couple hours ago. Some things, as a d-man online, I don't agree with
    1. Aiming poke checks are now pressing down on the right stick
    2. Swatting pucks is pressing down on the right stick
    3. You need to release the button to pick up loose pucks or body check
    and from user (jmwalsh8888)
    but i agree !!!
    ugg ... horrible, stick clicking should never be used for anything, it's junk. so they basically are breaking one of the functions of this game that actually work great... puck chops. shocker
    and you cant intercept/pickup pucks while in "def stick mode" ??? what the **** is that??
    just get rid of right stick hitting completely, it's a stupid thing that gives us nothing. Let hits be based on physics and learn how to properly enforce interference.
    i hope the reality of this is nothing like it's been described, or how i imagine it. but stick clicking in a high paced sports game is a terrible idea, they should get rid of left stick hustle button as well. stick clicking combined with movement is hot garbage not to mention the stress it adds to controllers.
    I've gotta say, I'm a little worried about having to push in the control stick, if my understanding of what they're saying is correct.
    I feel like a trigger modifier would be much more simple to use and stop using. My problem with using the L3 (?) is that sometimes, especially when you're in the midst of trying to do other stuff under pressure, it's easy to think you hit it, and not actually tap the button well enough to register.

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