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CrunchBall 3000 Brings Me Back to the Days of Ignoring Teachers in Class

crunchball 3000

CrunchBall 3000

CrunchBall 3000 Brings Me Back to the Days of Ignoring Teachers in Class

It’s still weird to me that Adobe Flash is going to finally vanish in 2020. It was such a massive part of my childhood pastime of avoiding a teacher’s wandering eyes as I bounced in and out of websites to play video games during various classes. Kofie Yeboah does his usual yeoman’s work here by bringing CrunchBall 3000 to the forefront here in his latest version of Fumble Files.

CrunchBall 3000 was for me one of many games I was playing around 2009-2010 to avoid paying attention while in school. It came along with things like Speedball 2 and whatever else I could get through the school filter on sites like Kongregate and the like. Flash and Java will always hold a special place in my heart for how it helped me get through these various moments in school, and it’s nice to read about Kofie doing the same — especially because I feel like he invaded my brain with this article.

crunchball 3000

You can still play CrunchBall 3000 on Kongregate, and it’s basically a mix of rugby, football and soccer. Your best strategy is just ruin people up the middle on runs but there’s enough variety here to still maintain its use as a way to avoid paying attention now in Zoom meetings or online classes.

Basically, I want to live vicariously through you all, so please ignore something you’re being paid to do or being educated on in order to play dumb Flash games like this.

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