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Cricket 19 Ultimate Edition DLC & Patch Available Now - Features The Hundred Competition, Caribbean Premier League & More

cricket 19 dlc

Cricket 19 - The Official Game of the Ashes

Cricket 19 Ultimate Edition DLC & Patch Available Now - Features The Hundred Competition, Caribbean Premier League & More

Big Ant Studios have released their Cricket 19 Ultimate Edition DLC and July patch. The DLC, which costs $11.99, features over 200 new and officially licensed players, The Hundred competition and the Caribbean Premier League.

You will be able draft a fantasy The Hundred team, and then take your dream team to the pitch to prove that you have got the best team in the competition. And if that isn’t enough all-new, big-hitting action for you, Cricket 19 Ultimate Edition DLC also includes the full CPL, giving you the chance to duke it out with the world’s best on the official Caribbean ovals for the first time.

  • Over 200 fully licensed players have been meticulously detailed and added to the game’s rosters
  • Play with all eight The Hundred teams at their home stadiums and enjoy the full CPL experience with seven all-new stadiums
  • The full The Hundred experience is replicated in exacting detail for fans of both the men’s and women’s events

Here are the Cricket 19 patch notes.

  • Added licensed West Indies men’s and women’s teams
  • Added licensed Russia and St Petersburg teams
  • Added achievements for West Indies
  • Added Test The Best Online Challenges mode
  • Added in-match Emote system
  • Added functionality to restore missing PlayFace data
  • Added Replay Camera invert options
  • Added Reset To Default option in Settings
  • Added option to turn off bowling input assistance on lower difficulty levels
  • Added Exit to Desktop option when quitting matches
  • Tuned AI runouts
  • Improved Batting Mid camera reaction after leaving ball
  • Ensured that 12th Man’s Matches Played statistic does not increment
  • Ensured career player can return to club cricket if dropped from Domestic Team
  • Ensured correct stadium visuals will display on resume match screen
  • Resolved cases of missing sound effects during gameplay and menus
  • Resolved issue with custom stadiums not loading correctly in some modes
  • Resolved issue with custom uniform logos when resuming matches
  • Resolved issue with custom stadium sponsors in Scenario Mode
  • General Stability Improved

The Cricket 19 Ultimate Edition DLC and patch are available on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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  1. Looking forward to this DLC and getting it this weekend.
    Love them adding the CPL and Windies Cricket, plus some new stadiums.
    Let's see how it compared to some of the cricket academy creations out there, because there are some solid user created teams like CPL, Windies already. Been hearing mixed reviews right now with the DLC and freezing the game on console. Waiting just a bit more to purchase and keep supporting the game.

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