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Bush Hockey League Available Now on Xbox One

Bush Hockey League

Bush Hockey League Available Now on Xbox One

Bush Hockey League is finally coming to Xbox One on November 29 for $11.99. The team rebranded Old Time Hockey to Bush Hockey League last month. Previously available on Steam and PlayStation 4, the team canceled plans to bring the game over to the Nintendo Switch.

(UPDATE: 11-29) Bush Hockey League is available now on Xbox One.

Bush Hockey League channels classic arcade style action (NHL 94, Blades of Steel, and Tecmo Bowl to name a few) with an old-school aesthetic from the 70’s era. No helmets, bench clearing brawls, and way too many mustaches to count can all be found in the Bush Hockey League.

Since the release of Bush Hockey League in March, V7 Entertainment have been hard at work answering players feedback to create the best arcade experience possible. The Xbox One release comes with every change packed in and is definitely the best version to hit the ice with.

Bush Hockey League features:

  • Play as 10 original teams, honouring hockey’s storied history.
  • Story-mode let’s you take the down on their luck Schuylkill Hinto Brews from the Bush Hockey League dumps to glory!
  • Score some beamers with your friends in competitive or couch co-op
  • Drinking a beer and you don’t want to put it down? No problem! Bush Hockey League has a one-handed beer mode so you sip and rip some slappers.

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  1. stocksy
    Wonder why they ditched the switch version? Seems perfect for playing on the go.

    Totally agree that this kind of game was perfect for the Switch, and a reason why I was looking forward to making the jump to the Switch. It concerns me that this, and Super Mega Baseball 2, are not coming for the Switch.
    Gameplay looks smoother than NHL 18 lol

    The skating is very smooth in this game. I've been having a blast playing through the story mode.
    I'm using Broadcast Camera (Looks kind of like Mario Lemieux Hockey for Sega) and also using Retro controls (3 button).
    Dumping the puck is solid, obviously it's an arcade game but fun stuff for a 20-40 min session off and on.
    Rumors of like 10/20 more teams coming via DLC, we shall see. Hope they have some more games in the future like this.

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