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Bit Fry Game Studios Announces Licensing Agreement with OneTeam Partners and the NFLPA

Bit Fry Game Studios

Bit Fry Game Studios Announces Licensing Agreement with OneTeam Partners and the NFLPA

Bit Fry Game Studios has announced its agreement with OneTeam Partners and the NFL Players Association, to add an officially-licensed football game to the studios’ ever-expanding line-up of sports video games.

Already incorporating select NFL players into its existing arcade action NHL-licensed hockey game Ultimate Rivals: The Rink, which we reviewed here and its upcoming NBA-licensed basketball game Ultimate Rivals: The Court, with the NFLPA license, Bit Fry will now flip the script and enable users to play on the virtual gridiron with superstar athletes from across hockey, basketball, baseball, and soccer alongside a select roster of current NFL players.

The agreement grants Bit Fry the right to feature the names, numbers, images, and likenesses of nearly 2,000 current NFL players in an arcade action football game. OneTeam, the NFLPA’s group licensing representative, facilitated the deal.

Ben Freidlin, CEO and founder of Bit Fry Game Studios and the creator of the Ultimate Rivals franchise, had this to say.

“Bit Fry is the leading studio in the arcade-action sports segment and is thrilled to be bringing the NFL players into the Ultimate Rivals universe with another play-book shredding, category defining title that gives football a video-game treatment unlike any seen before it. Fans of the franchise can expect the studio to remain dedicated to an exceptionally high quality experience, including all of the standard baseline ingredients of a Bit Fry game, such as 60fps framerates minimum, an unprecedented balance of approachable gameplay and high skill-cap depth, and industry standard-setting visuals and auditory aesthetics,”.

Ultimate Rivals: The Rink is available now exclusively on Apple Arcade and will be followed by Ultimate Rivals: The Court.

Bit Fry’s football game is scheduled for release in 2021, with platforms to be announced at a later date.


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  1. @The Senator, thanks for your comment, it's a common misconception that Bit Fry has built a mobile game with Ultimate Rivals or is a mobile gaming studio. I started the studio nearly seven years ago and want to assure you that Ultimate Rivals is build from the ground up as a console class video game experience, on a console class engine (UE4), and with a console budget and production values, and it just so happens that we launched our franchise first on a platform that has strong mobile devices, but also in fact has a living room device and desktop class hardware profile as well.
    Ultimate Rivals is coming to console and PC, and one of the other most common comments we get when people experience The Rink, is that it feels like a console game, and it's amazing to see it running on phones.
    I hope you'll get a chance to play Rink and check out our upcoming basketball game, The Court, when it releases.
    If this leads to EA Sports eventually bringing back either NBA or NFL Street than I'm with it.
    This company could come up with something similar to those games though. Let's hope that's the case.
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