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The Best Young Players to Sign in NBA 2K17: Shooting Guards

NBA 2K17

The Best Young Players to Sign in NBA 2K17: Shooting Guards

When I start MyGM in NBA 2K17, one of the first things I do is look at my team roster. What are its weaknesses? Who are my best players? Who can I unload to try and improve my team?

One thing that is thoroughly enjoyable (for me at least) is taking my team and building a powerhouse based on youth and potential. The team might be average to begin with, but after a season or two — and some improvement in player ratings — my young studs usually grow into seasoned monsters.

I’ve taken the liberty of listing the top five young players at each position who have high potential and a high ceiling. You can target these players to help your team immediately, or after a few seasons of growth. The players are listed based on in-game overall; potential and basic info can be seen as well.

Shooting Guard

5. Khris Middleton, Age 25 – Milwaukee Bucks
81 Overall, B+ Potential; $42.30M 3-Year Contract

He is a high IQ guard who can shoot the three at a high clip. He’s also an above-average defender and playmaker.

4. Devin Booker, Age 19 – Phoenix Suns
82 Overall, B+ Potential; $2.22M 1 Yr Contract

Despite his ranking on this list, this kid can play. Booker can shoot, pass and has good basketball IQ for his young age. He is almost a must-have based on his age and cheap contract.

3. Avery Bradley, Age 25 – Boston Celtics
83 Overall, B+ Potential; $17.08M 2-Year Contract

Bradley is a good offensive player, but is known for his top-class defending. An elite IQ player, he’ll be worth a pretty penny.

2. Bradley Beal, Age 23 – Washington Wizards
84 Overall, B+ Potential; $127.17M 5-Year Contract

After re-upping his term with the Wizards, Beal won’t come cheap. His young age, deadly shooting and smooth offensive game are the reasons why — oh, and the contract.

1. C.J. McCollum, Age 25 – Portland Trailblazers
86 Overall, A- Potential; $109.85M 5-Year Contract

After a slow start to his career, McCollum has become one of the best two guards in the NBA; he can also fill in as a point guard if need be. His offensive game instantly makes any team better. His high overall paired with an elite Potential rating come with a heavy price tag — and, again, a heavy salary.

Honorable Mention

Rodney Hood, Age 24 – Utah Jazz (79 Overall, A- Potential; $1.41M 1-Year Contract)

Evan Fournier, Age 23 – Orlando Magic (78 Overall, A- Potential; $68.00M 4-Year Contract)

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