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Best Pitching Settings in MLB The Show 23

MLB The Show 23

Best Pitching Settings in MLB The Show 23

We previously looked at the best hitting settings in MLB The Show 23, so naturally we also have to look at the best pitching settings in MLB The Show 23.

Best Pitching Settings In MLB The Show 23

Pitching Interface And Input

There’s several different pitching inputs you can choose in MLB The Show 23. There’s “old-school” inputs like Meter, Pulse, and Analog along with the newer Pinpoint. A common theme you’ll hear from me is that you should use whatever you want. If you prefer those more old-school inputs then use them! If you want to have more control over your input and increase your chances at success, especially online, then Pinpoint pitching is the best bet.

Pinpoint was introduced in MLB The Show 21 and is easily the best pitching setting input as it relies more on user skill. I highly recommend this setting for online play.

Either way, once you have your pitching interface selected you can see a bevy of other options below. The pitching ball marker is simply how your selected pitch displays on the screen. Pitch Trail shows a solid line from the pitcher’s release point that displays the break and location you’ve selected. You can also set this to Fade, which will cause the trail to fade away after moving your thumbstick. You can also use Chevron to show a baseball and arrow marker, displaying location and the direction of break.

I much prefer Pitch Trail as I can see exactly where the ball is going to land if I execute my pitch perfectly. There’s deviation within the PAR (Perfect Accuracy Region) but it shows you the intended location, whereas the Chevron option only displays arrows.

Experiment with these options until you find something you like but I believe these are the best pitching settings in MLB The Show 23.

Camera Angle

This was covered more extensively right here. In summation, finding a camera angle that balances your presentation taste with your ability to see the strike zone will serve you best. I typically used Strike Zone 2 while pitching but have fallen in love with Pitcher Zoom. I love that I can see the batter’s full stances from this view, while also having a pretty good zoom on the plate. This angle is close enough that I can clearly see the strike zone and I’m able to locate and form game plans with ease.

The camera angle for pitching is much less important than when hitting, in my opinion. While on the mound, you’re just locating pitches and pressing buttons. There is much less pressure, which means you can enjoy more of MLB The Show 23’s stellar presentation details if you choose. That’s what I’ve done with the switch to Pitcher Zoom. You can see expressions on the hitter’s faces clearly and the swing animations just look amazingly smooth.

Controller Settings

This is another area where something like KontrolFreek add-ons can come in handy. You’d have to experiment with different sized grips until you found something that feels good for you. I use the Elite Series 2 controller on Xbox Series X, which comes with its own assortment of extensions and add-ons. As a Pinpoint user, that means I’m using my right stick for my pitching motions.

I use the shorter “nubbed” stick for pitching. Whereas my left stick has a longer stick to maximize PCI movements, the shorter stick allows a shorter range of motion that keeps my gestures tighter.

Using the Accessories app on Series X, these are the adjustments I made to my right thumbstick:

  • Assignment – Primary
  • Sensitivity curve – Smooth
  • Curve adjustment – 3 (3 notches from the left)
  • Calculation – Radial

I’ve experimented with these settings multiple times and I’m comfortable with these settings. As always, I encourage you to experiment yourself and see if you find something that works better for you! These settings can either help you or act as a baseline for your own adjustments.

And there we have the best pitching settings in MLB The Show 23. What pitching input do you use and why?

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