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Axis Football 2023 Gameplay Trailer

Axis Football 2023

Axis Football 2023

Axis Football 2023 Gameplay Trailer

The development team behind Axis Football 2023 released their gameplay trailer earlier today. They mention roughly 95% of their resources were focused on gameplay this year and it definitely shows. Axis Football 2023 is scheduled to release later this fall for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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Check out and support their Patreon page to get more details, access to PC beta and more.

Axis Football is simulation-style indie video game focused on creating a realistic and engaging football experience. Our game’s main pillars are its deep franchise mode, immersive gameplay, and extensive customization.

As an independent studio without the funding of a publisher, investor, or large backing company, our resources are incredibly limited. Making simulation-style games is expensive, and our growth and progress is often stunted by our lack of funding. At the same time, we are also extremely blessed to have such a supportive and encouraging community. Many of you have asked about funding campaigns, Kickstarters, or other ways that you can help. Signing up for a monthly membership at Patreon would go a long way to helping us improve the game as fast as possible.

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